In-person events are back! Here’s everything we’ve written about them so far.

In-person events are back this summer. After a year of no events, everyone in the event world is more than ready to make it happen. Venues have a plan. Attendees are fired-up. And of course, organizers have been getting creative with in-person marketing, themes, outdoor options, and tons of other reasons to get off the couch. Yes, it’s time to say goodbye to the couch. At least until Fall. 

To fill you in a little bit more on what’s happening with in-person events right now, here’s everything we’ve written about the live event world. Enjoy, and have fun out there!

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Our top tips for hosting an in-person event right now.

Want to start planning an in-person event right now? Perfect! These are some tips to help you hit the ground running. 

Positive themes are key. The Tribeca Film Festival planned its festival series around films that would lift people up. After the last 18 months, now is the time to make events about good times, getting back outside, and having fun. Trust us. 

To help meet local and regional safety guidelines, collaborate with expert health consultants like SafeExpo. Safe Expo can provide onside ambassadors, take temperatures, track attendees’ health, and much more to give everyone a little peace of mind. And how about attendance tracking? Know what sessions your attendees went to, and who else was there.

Practice makes perfect. Maybe you’re feeling rusty. Or maybe there are some health guidelines you want to run through before you open the gates. Either way, do a practice run. It’ll only help!

For more planning suggestions, check out: Our top tips for hosting an in-person event right now.

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Check out these amazing venues.

2021 means tons of venue choices. You can plan indoor, outdoor, hybrid, in the city, in the county — they are all great options right now. Here are a few of our favorite venue ideas. 

The Palmer House in Chicago, once a hangout for the likes of Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald, reopened this year with some major event-friendly renovations. All rooms and spaces now have keyless entry, thoughtful event dining options, and tons of hybrid connectivity options. We like venues that make it easy! 

The Log Still’s Dant Crossing recently featured in the NY Times, boasts an indoor-outdoor, event campus that’s ready for anything. We love the idea of events at local distilleries. It’s great scenery, even better drinks, and supports small businesses. What else could you want? 

Need hybrid options? Look to Esports. Venues like the Esports Stadium in Arlington, or The Long Beach Convention Center have plenty of experience connecting audiences far and wide. Want to see more great places to plan events? Check out these amazing in-person event venues.

Male DJ performing with "Protect Chicago Music Series" sign in front of him

How to market your in-person event

There’s a lot of competition out there with almost every kind of event coming back at the same time. Here’s how to stand out from the crowd. 

Get people moving. The South Boston Beer Fest had a beer tasting, a concert, a block party, and even a 5K! We did a lot of sitting this last year, so we welcome a jog, walk, hike, or stretch anytime. And if a Beerfest can have a 5K — any event can have 5k! 

Start marketing today. CES 2022 is already releasing trailers for their event. Big events especially so that attendees can get planning for their trip and organizers can reconnect with their audience.

Go exclusive. The Protect Chicago Music series created maskless outdoor dance parties for anyone fully vaccinated. This little bit of exclusivity might be what many people want right now. 
Need some more marketing tips? Check out: Here’s how to market your in-person or hybrid event in 2021.

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Networking made easy (and fun)!  

Networking in 2021 is all about making real friendships, finding people that keep us inspired, and having a good amount of fun in the process. Here’s how to do that. 

Jon Levy, via Forbes, proposes that making real connections comes from completing fun tasks together. This could be planning a BBQ, or a company hike. It’s the joint effort of doing something together that we value most — because that’s what friends are for.  

Doctor Mike, via Rolling Stone, says “There’s too much thought placed on what others can offer you. Instead, focus on building a supportive network of individuals who continually inspire you.” We agree — find people that get your brain going. 

The Wall Street Journal noted that it’s time to stop cold applying to jobs. Just get on the phone and talk to someone about their industry. Most people learn this eventually, but it’s excellent advice for those going to events and just entering the job market in 2021.

For more about making new connections, check out: How to network at in-person events in 2021.

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How attendees get the most out of in-person events

The amount of in-person events coming back can be overwhelming for attendees. There are so many options and so much to do after a year of no events. Here’s our advice on how to make the most of it. 

Book early. Both NY Times and Market Watch pointed out that hotel bookings are through the roof; and AirBnbs are just as in demand. So if you want the most comfortable room you can get (which you do) then get it booked today.

Have a plan! You may want to meet everyone, see every session, and relax by the pool all day — but we all know that’s just not possible. Instead, pick your most important goals and appointments and get the most out of those. Also yes, sitting by the pool is an event goal. 

Update your pitch. Everyone has had to get creative this last year. Update your personal or business pitch so it reflects all ways you learned how to work smarter, more collaboratively, or just knock people’s socks off in general! For more about great tips for attendees, check out: How attendees can get the most out of hybrid events.

This is just the start!

There will be lots happening in the in-person event world in 2021. Venues from coast to coast are opening with significant revisions. Organizers will be getting creative to make sure everyone is having some fun after last year. It’s exciting times, and we’re proud to be a part of it!

July 27, 2021

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July 27, 2021

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