How exhibitors can get the most out of their event.

Exhibitors everywhere are excited to get face to face again with old friends and potential clients and pretty much just mix it up like old times. 

But with all the new event technologies out there, what’s really the best way to connect with new leads? How can exhibitors market themselves so they have the most impact at the event? We’ll give you a hint – it all starts with just getting in front of attendees as much as possible – in-person, virtually, however you can.

For more, here’s how exhibitors can get the most out of their event.

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Want more leads? Use lead retrieval.

It sounds obvious, but lead retrieval is key to finding both more and better leads. At Expo, we jump-start this process with a simple app that lets exhibitors scan a QR code on attendee badges. With this feature, exhibitors can instantly collect attendee contact info. 

The era of typing in business cards by hand is long gone. Once you scan a badge, you have that contact ready whenever you need it. Then, after the event, just upload all your new contacts and data straight to your CRM database. 

We also recommend using an event platform that allows exhibitors to pose qualifying questions to potential leads. Think of these as key questions about what makes a good fit for your business. It’s good to have a lot of leads, but it’s better to meet people you click with right away. 

Use your platform’s analytics to keep track of new leads during the event. See who you are meeting and on which days. Find out if your qualifying questions are working, or if you need to adjust tactics.  

Basically, lead retrieval gives you all the tools you need to meet more people and do more business. Period. 

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Don’t forget to use the virtual platform.

Your event’s virtual space is one of the best places to store content, generate clicks from ads, and get an all-around picture of how people are engaging with your brand’s marketing during hybrid or virtual event types. 

Even if you are attending in person, a virtual booth is an easy way to direct people to specific content. Maybe it’s a new ad, a message from the founder, or a cool video you made  – literally anything that shows off your brand is good to post virtually. 

The virtual event space can also collect tons of analytics. See who’s watching what videos, from where, and clicking on which of your ads. Then reach out to make real connections with each of those attendees. 

In-person events are back, but virtual platforms are still a great way to put out premium content and get ads in front of potential leads and business partners. It’s also a great place to store event content after the event is over. This way your event is top of mind year-round!

Filming of a Superbowl commercial

Post unique content before the event.

Before the 2022 Super Bowl, the NFL released a behind-the-scenes video of their Peter Berg directed commercial (the one with 3D/claymation NFL players playing football in the house). 

While this was kinda meta, and obviously expensive, it did show a more naturalistic side of the brand. It’s not just trying to entertain. It wants people to see something real, and show how creative work gets done. 

Consider releasing marketing content before the event. Share content that goes beyond your usual pitch, and talk about what your business is really like. What’s the “movie magic” that goes on behind the scenes? That’s what people will lock onto. 

It’s also a good idea to release this content through an Instagram live, or story. Making it easily accessible for people to watch on their phones. 

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Focus on creating thoughtful connections.

With your new leads, virtual content, and data in hand, it’s all about turning those assets into real connections with potential business partners. 

Think of individualized and thoughtful messages. Blanket emails can work for advertising, but real relationships require real messages. Build on the things you discussed at the event. Show that you are serious about working together – because you are. 

When it comes to virtual content, use the virtual event platform to see what people were most interested in. Where did they stop or skip to? And for how long? Edit these clips into a post-event marketing reel that is sure to resonate (because you have the data to back it up). 

The time after the event is an opportunity to keep the event energy going. If people liked certain stories you posted, post them again but with more background info. If certain ads were working, make more of those. Basically, learn from your event, and keep pushing forward. 

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Just show people what you are all about. 

The best way for exhibitors to get the most out of their event is to get in front of attendees and show them what your business is all about.

Use lead retrieval to both collect more leads and put out meaningful questions that potential business partners will connect with. Virtual content is an easy way to direct attendees to new brand content. And authentic pre-and post-event marketing is a great way to get people excited to meet.

In the end, as long as you are out there showing people why your business is awesome, good things will happen. 

March 23, 2022

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March 23, 2022

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