Must-follow social media accounts for event inspiration.

We’re all in this together! The best part of the event planning business is the connections we make. Social media has created unprecedented opportunities for this, offering creative inspiration and personal motivation from fellow organizers.

Many event planners and event influencers have risen in popularity over the years, offering everything from examples of brilliant table settings to personal anecdotes of how they overcame event planning challenges. This content has become a core part of learning, connecting, and finding inspiration during our event-planning journeys.

We’ve compiled a list of our top event-planning social media accounts to follow. Connect with these creators and event platforms to elevate your planning!

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Every event professional knows—or should know—@BizBash. They’re among the most influential event-planning social media accounts, with nearly 70k followers. They offer comprehensive insights into the event planning industry and tours of top-tier events, feeding your aspirations with tantalizing imagery. A recent post gave planners a look at the stunning 2024 Emmy Awards setup. 

They’re the one-stop shop for all things event planning. Biz Bash features sports, industry innovators, emerging trends, brand recommendations and more! They host events, such as the Event Leadership Summit, where you can connect with fellow organizers and learn how to grow as an industry leader! 

Unique offerings: 

  • Seasonal events inspiration 
  • Event planning webinars
  • BizBash Event Experience Awards 
  • Downloadable playbooks

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Event Professionals Live.

They aren’t called “social” networks for nothing! @Eventprofslive is the online cocktail lounge for event professionals. Here, you can connect with fellow organizers via an online forum, where event planners discuss key topics, ask questions, and receive insights from the EPL team and special guests. They aim to empower event organizers with accessible education resources and a network of fellow planners. Networking has never been easier! 

Unique offerings: 

  • Multiple events each month 
  • Organized discussions 
  • Membership program with extra resources/access 
  • Event planning tips, tricks and inspiration 

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Event Planners Talk.

Founded by Irina Graf, @Eventplannerstalk is the intersection of travel and event production, offering inspiring worldwide content! Irina’s blog is called MICE (an acronym for meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions), where she explores the economic benefits of and tricks to attract “MICE” tourists. 

She brings over a decade of experience as an event planner to her social media content, hosting discussions with event professionals, including Sabrina Meyers, Hayley Nicholson, and Kumar Jhuremalani. It’s a feast for the eyes and the mind! 

Unique offerings: 

  • Book club recommendations! 
  • Emphasis on kindness in business 
  • Travel photos/videos 
  • Detailed & insightful captions

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Preston R. Bailey.

@Prestonrbailey is more than a brilliant planner; he’s a designer, author, speaker, and all-around charming personality! His feed bursts with stunning examples of prestigious event planning, exploring everything from detailed table settings to fully realized venue decor. Alongside this inspiration, he posts online classes and updates on educational, in-person events hosted by the maestro himself. 

Unique offerings: 

  • Wedding Inspiration 
  • Installation renders 
  • Planning advice 
  • Upscale venue design 
  • PB Live recaps

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Mindy Weiss.

@Mindyweiss is one of the most-celebrated event planners working today. She puts the fairytale in fairytale weddings, transforming what could be otherwise ordinary events into unforgettable experiences. Her Instagram is a window into her planning process, filled with inspired examples of her imaginative designs and information on how to grow your business. It’s like having a leading event organizer as your mentor! 

Unique offerings: 

  • Wedding Advice 
  • Fun how-to videos 
  • Wedding gift suggestions 
  • Inside looks at her events 

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Event Marketer.

@Eventmarketer is the social media arm of this prestigious industry magazine. Event marketer magazine provides interviews, insights, inspiration, insider tips and industry news—all of this can be found on their social media, too. Stunning video tours of spectacular venue designs and “cover story” features introduce you to leading event planners. Everything you need to know about event planning and event marketing is here! 

Unique offerings: 

  • Inside look at SXSW, CES, and more events 
  • Event planner spotlights 
  • Venue design inspiration
  • Event marketing resources 

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Kesh Events.

@Keshevents sells herself as a “luxury wedding/event planner.” Her Instagram is filled with luxurious examples of spectacular wedding design and decor. Akeshi Akinseye features the swoon-worthy weddings of couples she’s worked with, alongside moving advice and encouragement in her captions. Her Instagram is an example of how to merge style with strategy to execute genuinely memorable events

Unique offerings: 

  • Global event photography 
  • Inspiring travel videos 
  • Access to educational resources 
  • The Art of Celebrating magazine 

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Event Leaders.

@Eventleaders is run by the Event Leadership Institute, an organization committed to the education and growth of event planners worldwide. Their feed is packed with seminars, webinars, discussions, Q&As and more educational resources to elevate your event planning. They’re hosted by event professionals such as Brian Monohan and Heather Sharpe. “State of the Industry” webinars update you on changing trends and technology. 

Unique offerings: 

  • On-demand training sessions 
  • Event industry assessments 
  • Event leadership certificates 
  • Regular course discounts 
  • Inspiring quotes 

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Bonus: Expo Pass!

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