Our favorite apps for event planners.

Apps are ubiquitous. We use them for transit, news, messaging, social, and literally anything we do on a phone or any other devices. You are likely reading this on an app right now! 

But what are the apps that can actually help event planners’ work-life? Also, what apps can keep their teams synched up, and maybe even offer a little inspiration, creativity, and fun? Well, let’s just say there is 100 percent an app for all that, and more! For details, these are our favorite apps every event planner should download right now. 

Teamwork apps.

These are 3 apps that will help keep teammates and clients on the same page and ahead of deadlines while planning an event. All are free for personal use or small teams. 

Slack: Slack is an instant messaging app for work and for fun, but mostly for work. You can create separate messaging channels for your team, your clients, and your projects. Send images, videos, or GIFs, and keep your team’s work messages in one place. Free to start. 

Basecamp: Basecamp is a tried and true project management app. It’s where your team can see to-do lists and track progress across all projects and deadlines. There’s also integrated chat and file sharing. Free for personal use (up to 20 users). $99/month for businesses.

Monday.com: Monday.com is the new kid on the project management app block. It uses clear visual charts to show your team’s progress. Users can also personalize their workflows, which is key with asynchronous work. Free to start for up to 5 users, $8/month for basic.

Monday.com program image.

Checklist/Reminders/Notes apps.

These are 3 apps that will make it easier to track you and your team’s checklists, tasks, reminders, and notes. All are Free. 
Evernote: Evernote is the gold standard for note-taking. You can create notes with checklists, meeting data (like who was there), images, sketches, and important reminders. It’s also highly collaborative and allows team members to edit notes in real time. Free or $10/month for pro.

Apple Notes/Apple Reminders: Apple Notes and Apple Reminders work best for purely textual checklists and notes. If you are an Apple user, these apps are the best place to write something down the moment it pops into your head. Free.

Google Keep: Google Keep is integrated with Gmail, Google Drive, and all other google related products. If you and your team do all your work in Google and want your checklists and reminders in the same place, Google Keep is the best option. Free. 

Design editing app image.

Design/Photo/Video Editing apps.

These are apps that you can use across all devices from creating event marketing content to posting on social media. Free to download. Adobe cloud storage starts at $10/month. 

Adobe Express: Adobe Express is a one-stop shop for creating flyers, posters, social stories, and any kind of mobile ad, all from your phone. There are tons of thoughtful and compelling templates that will help your brand rise to the top.
Adobe Premier Rush: Adobe Premier Rush is an all-in-one shoot, edit, and share, video production app. Most video editing apps can feel overly complex, Adobe Premier Rush is all you need to get the footage out the door.

Calm app image.

Mindfulness apps.

These are 3 apps that can help you stay calm and reduce stress when planning an event. We know this is easier said than done, but these apps are proven to help. Free/paid. 

Headspace: Headspace specializes in guided meditations (for all levels) and teaches mindfulness skills you can use on your own. You’ll find meditations for stress, burnout, and pretty much anything that is keeping you from feeling your best. $70 per year, $13/month. 

Calm: Calm specializes in both guided and unguided meditations (for all levels), as well as their sleep stories which are narrated by Lebron James and Laura Dern, among others. It’s a great app for a wide range of stress reduction techniques. $70 per year, $400 for life.

Health Minds: Healthy Minds is a free app that uses both seated and active meditation to help improve your well-being. The app is powered by donations and based on clinical neuroscience studies that show how the mind can be trained to focus and find calm. Free. 

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Music apps.

These are a few apps that will ensure you are always ready if you get handed the aux cord at an event or need to supply a party on short notice. Free/paid.  

NTS Radio: NTS Radio is a global online radio station that broadcasts 1 hour (or longer) mixes from the world’s best musicians, artists, thinkers, and of course, DJs. Whatever genre or vibe you are looking for, it’s likely on NTS. Free with paid options. 

Mixcloud and Soundcloud: Mixcloud and Soundcloud are the best places to find DJ sets or mixes from your favorite DJs. Any DJ you hire will likely have a Soundcloud or Mixcloud with mixes, so these are also good places to go before you book them. Free with paid options. 

Apple Music and Spotify: Apple Music and Spotify are best for creating hand-picked mixes for your event. They are also fantastic for creating collaborative mixes with your team, clients, speakers, or anyone who likes music! Free with paid options. 

Woman riding on a scooter.

Travel apps.

These are a few apps that will make sure you always have a ride, scooter, bike, or place to rest your head when you are traveling. Free with paid options. 

Lime, Bird, Link, etc.: There are more scooter and bike-share companies than we can count and they are different in each city. Find out which mobility apps are best near your venue and download those. You’ll save time trying to figure it out on the street. Pay by mile or trip. 

Circuit Free Shuttle: Circuit is a free shuttle available in select locations nationwide. It’s a lot like a little golf cart that weaves in and out of traffic to your location. Check near your venue to see if Circuit or similar are available. Free to use. 

Hotel Tonight: Hotel Tonight finds you a hotel room that night, wherever you are. There are often really good rooms at a discounted rate. This is a great app to have if you find yourself an extra room for a speaker or you want to travel last minute. Prices vary.  

PictureThis App image.

Apps for keeping track of inspiration.

These apps are great for remembering songs, fonts, or even plants or flowers that you want to keep track of for your next event. 

Shazam: Shazam, which you likely already know about, tells you what song is playing. It’s also the best app for remembering the music you hear that you want to play at your next event. Just Shazam it, and it’s ready for your next event. Free. 

Find My Font, What The Font: Like Shazam, there are apps for finding fonts. Anytime you see a cool sign, advertisement, or dining menu, and you want to know the font for your next event – just use one of these apps. Free. 

PictureThis: Also like the others, there’s an app for finding plants. Ever wanted to know what kind of flowers or plants you were looking at because you wanted them at your next event? Well, just open PictureThis and find out in seconds. Free.  

Looking for a little more inspiration? Check out our article Finding event inspiration when you need it most!

There is an app for that.

If you need help with anything at all while planning an event – there is an app for that. 

Teamwork apps like Slack and Monday.com will keep your projects on track and make sure everyone is in the loop. Mindfulness is never out of reach with Headspace and Healthy Minds. And Adobe has you covered for all your on-the-go content creation needs. So if you ever ask yourself: “Is there an app for this?” The answer is probably yes.

September 15, 2022

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September 15, 2022

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