Finding event inspiration when you need it most.

Organizers are working double-time to get as many events as possible on the books this summer. It’s a welcome change, but it also means they’ll need tons of creativity and ingenuity to get done!

So how can organizers stay inspired with events kicking into overdrive? Also, where can they look when they need a little help creatively. Well, it sounds cliche, but there’s actually inspiration everywhere! To help get you started, these are our top 5 tips for finding inspiration when you (the event organizer) need it most! 

Woman talking about having connections.

Do a little networking.

Meeting and chatting with new friends and work colleagues is one of the best ways to get out of your head and find new ideas.

You can get the ball rolling by joining an event planner association such as Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) or Meeting Professionals International (MPI). Both are great options and will help meet a whole bunch of fellow event professionals. 

If you want to find smaller or more local groups, check out Linkedin or Facebook groups for planners in your area. Chances are you probably know a few people in the groups already! 

Don’t be shy about reaching out to existing friends and colleagues either. In reality, these are the people that can fast-track you to meet more people that who you’ll want to collaborate with. 

The important thing is that we get out and meet new people. Networking gives us more perspective on our own work. We learn about events or trends we weren’t aware of. New career opportunities open up and more business gets done. All good sources of inspiration!

Woman talking about podcasts.

Listen to a podcast.

A podcast can be the perfect way to tune out the noise and focus on some quality event planning content (or any type of content that gets your brain going).

Eventicons is a top-notch podcast that spends each episode talking to the biggest names in the event industry. Look for chats on new trends, technical production, and even how to partner with small businesses. It’s a one-stop-shop for everything going on in the event world.  

Event Brew tackles the latest and most hot button issues in the event industry, all with a diverse group of event professionals. Everything you wanted to talk about in events but didn’t know how to bring it up – this is where it’s happening. 

Two Chicks Three Seats is a hospitality and event-focused podcast. Look for conversation on food and drink trends, as well as insider marketing information about how to make your event and venue stand out from the crowd. 

We should also note that a podcast doesn’t have to be event-related to be inspiring to your work. If other hobbies like science, movies, and history, get your brain going, then look for those.

Combine a podcast with an afternoon walk and you’ll have new ideas in no time! 

Man reading a book.

Crack open a book. 

A book is a nice way to unplug from your various screens and earbuds and get some old-school inspiration. 

meetings, those interactions don’t always feel significant. One insight she finds is that “Specificity is a crucial ingredient. The more focused and particular a gathering is, the more narrowly it frames itself and the more passion it arouses.”
Stop Networking: Here’s What To Do Instead, by Jon Levy, proposes that people need to be doing activities together to build a connection. This means cooking, hiking, or any task that people can complete together and create a shared sense of accomplishment in the relationship.

Man talking about becoming a blogger.

Check out a blog. 

A blog may not sound like the most exciting way to spend your break time, but they are an excellent way to find out what other people in your industry have on their minds. 

Check with work colleagues or clients about what blogs they follow, or if they have one of their own. It’s a great way to take a pulse on what the people around you are talking about, or want to talk more about. 

We’d be remiss not to point out our own Expo blog (which you happen to be reading right now)! Here we talk about everything planners are telling us, and give a few takes on the state of the industry. Expect weekly updates and a few GIFs to break up the monotony!

This may seem daunting. In reality, it’s where you can see what you actually have time to make and what’s possible. It will also give you a clear plan of action in your marketing. 

Still not finding what you are looking for? Start a blog of your own! That’s a sure-fire way to get the creative juices going and spark some conversation along the way.

Expo Pass Webinar graphic.

Join a webinar (or any kind of event)! 

Need event inspiration? There’s nothing wrong with checking out some webinars and other events to get your brain back in event mode. 

They can be event-related, such as our recent webinars: Finding the Perfect Speakers for Your Event or How to Hybrid: The Mysteries Unraveled. Or you can just attend events and webinars that interest you personally.

Events are all around us. There’s a full schedule of conferences and big events again. Events are on TV in the form of the Oscars or Super Bowl, or free in the park, or streaming like Coachella on YouTube. We can learn from all of these different kinds of productions. 

Watch for how the events around you use technology. Or the way they connect and market to attendees online. The more you take note of all the events going on, the more you’ll have ideas about how you can do the same thing – and then make your event even better! 

Look for inspiration everywhere. 

It’s our experience that the best ideas happen when we least expect them, so our biggest tip is to try to take in inspiration from everywhere while you wait. 

Getting out and networking is a perfect way to kickstart our minds and make some new work friends in the process. A podcast and a walk will beat any afternoon doldrums. And of course, check out another event when you have a minute. Inspiration is everywhere, just try to take it all in! 

May 31, 2022

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May 31, 2022

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