Name badges and onsite printing: A winning duo. 

Events are back. Event Organizers are booking venues, checking mics, and getting everything ready to create amazing in-person events again.

But what about badges? Do events still need badges? And what’s the story with onsite printing? Well, this might be our favorite topic, and to answer those questions: Yes, badges are 100 percent essential for helping attendees meet and connect, and onsite printing takes the event experience to a whole new level.

For more, here’s our full breakdown of why name badges and onsite printing are a winning duo for events.

iphone scanning QR code on name badges.

Are events using name badges anymore?

Absolutely! Simply put, event name badges are the key to connecting and tracking attendees, helping exhibitors get more leads, and basically keeping all the gears of the event turning. Here’s why:

Sparks conversation:

We never forget a friendly face, but a name, that’s another story. Name badges get old friends back on a first-name basis as soon as they check in. Badges can also contain key work info, like current title and company – both good things to know when striking up a chat. And great info to make sure you are using your time wisely and connecting with the right people. 

Makes attendance tracking easy:

Want to know where attendees are? Who’s in what session? Or which groups of people are hanging out together? The name badge is how you track that data. Attendees can scan their badges to check-in for each session, and each scan tells you a little bit more about what’s happening on the event floor. 

Helps exhibitors get more leads:

At Expo, our badges contain a QR code that exhibitors can scan to collect attendee contact info. Lead retrieval is quick, efficient, and helps exhibitors connect with more leads, faster. After the event, exhibitors just upload the contact info to their CRM database. You can even set custom qualifier questions to make sure the attendees you are connecting with are a good fit for your business. For more on exhibitors, we’ve taken a deeper dive into how exhibitors can get the most out of their event.

Puts people in event mode:

Phones and other screens can be a distraction on the event floor. The event badge helps attendees refocus on the people and badges around them. It also lets other attendees know that you’re in event mode and ready to get down to business. 

Individual checks in. Name badge printer in action.

What are the advantages of printing badges onsite?

Onsite event badge printing is faster, more efficient, more flexible, and an all-around better experience for attendees. Here’s why: 

Keeps registration flexible:

Attendees can register and print a badge onsite, on event day, almost instantly. Onsite printing also allows organizers to keep their foot on the marketing pedal and never have to worry about closing event registration. The whole system is designed to bring more attendees together at your event in a more natural and organic way. 

More Convenient:

Attendees don’t have to remember to bring anything. Everything attendees need is already in the system and ready to print. Organizers don’t need to bring anything either. Our printer kits are sent directly to the venue with your badge shells already inside waiting for you. Organizers just need to set-up the printer and they are ready to go. Never worry about lost badges again either, it’s all part of the instant name badge printing system. 

More Secure:

Attendees will be the only ones holding a badge with their name, company, and a QR code connected to their contact information. The wrong badge won’t be given to the wrong person. The way it should be. If a badge does go missing, it’s probably just under the bed in the hotel room 🙂

It’s faster:

It takes longer to check-in and sift through a table of badges than it does to print a new badge. Trust us. We’ve timed it. Also, onsite printing means no more time spent organizing, alphabetizing, and printing badges days before the event.

Saves money and waste:

At Expo, our onsite badge printing greatly reduces the number of staff you need to hire for check-in. Just set up the name badge printers (complete with iPad check-in kiosks) and attendees can do the rest. Say goodbye to spending money on equipment from multiple vendors, now it’s all together in one case ready for your event. Plus, with on-demand printing, you won’t be wasting any pre-printed badges on attendees who don’t show up!

Customized name badge software.

How to print badges onsite at an event?

We handle a lot at Expo, and have all the tools and equipment you need for successful on-demand badge printing. From the printers to the iPads, to a name badge designer and more. Plus an around-the-clock success manager that can help you make sure everything goes perfectly.

Here’s what you will need to make sure your venue has, and spoiler alert, it’s all the easy stuff. 


 If you’re having an event you’ve got the space covered. You don’t need much, as our equipment will not take up much of your space, or overwhelm the look of your check-in area. Your check-in space can be as little as a couple tables, or as extravagant as you can dream of. We can go over all this remotely with you, by the way, we’re pros at it by now! 

Electrical outlets:

Obvious, but yes, know where all the technology can be plugged in. If you’re unsure, ask the building management where the best places are to plug-in essential event equipment. 

Badge Design:

The Expo Pass easy-to-use badge designer let’s you complete your full color badge design with scannable QR codes and all the important information you want to be displayed on your attendees badges. Add titles, companies, and even designate between attendee, speaker, exhibitor, and VIP.  

For more info on badge design, check out our name badge design bootcamp and learn best practices for creating a clear (and fun!) name badge.

Onsite printing keeps your event on the cutting edge. 

Even as we use more and more screens in daily life, event badges and onsite printing still keeps your event on the cutting edge of connectivity, convenience, and experience. 

The badge puts attendees in event mode, and gives them a way to spark conversation and instantly share contact info with exhibitors. Onsite printing saves time and money for organizers and ensures that everyone’s badge is perfect (no small feat). Also, the whole process is simple. Just plug in the badge printers, set up the kiosks, and everyone will be inside and connecting in no time. The way it should be.


Interested in onsite badge printing for your next event? See our badges for yourself. Click here to request your samples, mailed to you at no charge.

November 9, 2022

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November 9, 2022

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