What to Do When Your Event Becomes Too Successful

Until this point, the uphill battle has been crafting a perfect event. From ideation, to marketing, to sponsorship, to on-site logistics, you’ve been hustling to create a standout attendee experience. However, what happens when success brings new challenges? The time is now to enhance each attendee touch point, which will organically lead to more growth. There is no better way to do that than upgrading to a full-service event management platform to help you manage your brand experience. It’s the obvious and necessary next step. Curious why?

An Event as a Brand

You might know by now; your event isn’t just an event, it’s a full-blown brand. With that, you’re never done analyzing, tweaking, and perfecting. Once you see your event as a brand, your growth becomes limitless. The trick is to find evergreen ways you can offer solutions to your attendees before, during, and after the event.

This success is also a glowing time to review how you can improve. One phenomenal way to start is to gather attendee feedback to see how your brand is viewed externally. An event management platform allows you to gather quick close-ended and open-ended responses. Pair this up with gathering on-site feedback through simple conversation. This is your brand after all. Don’t you want to know how you are perceived?


Registration is your attendee’s first touch-point with the brand. Make it count! Using an intuitive event registration platform, you’re enabled to build custom data, allowing different registration levels, if needed. You’re also provided the capability to add a registration form to your website, creating a simple flow and giving you more control over where your form appears.

Optimizing Registration

Long lines out the door have had you pouring yourself a double-shot of espresso one too many times. Creating a fluid process to get attendees through fast is vital for growth. We can all relate to fumbling with name badges, getting people signed in with paper and pen, and not to mention, the impatient and growing line. The viable next step is to utilize a platform that provides for independent attendee check-in and kiosk badge printing, allowing for attendees to take the reins, instantly reviewing and printing their own badges.

Does your event offer certifications? With an all inclusive event platform, you can track attendees and scan them as the enter into sessions. Whoever knew simplicity was so easy. By digitalizing and simplifying your registration and attendee tracking process, you are also improving the experience for your employees which is vital for sustainability.

Digitalizing the Experience

Time to ditch the no. 2 orange pencil. Work toward digitalizing touch-points for your attendees, employees, and sponsors. One easy slam dunk is to utilize an event app. By utilizing an event app, you’re digitalizing the way your attendees experience your brand. It also provides attendees with the ability to create a custom schedule, provide instant feedback, and even see who’s on the exhibition floor. FYI, that last one will add sponsorship value by allowing you to add logos and sponsor info!

Every touch-point that you can digitalize provides a unique and modern experience. Digitalization is not only a necessary step forward; it’s a no-brainer.

Nurturing Sponsorship

With event management software, you can more strategically cultivate your relationships with sponsors by providing them with a more inclusive on-site experience. This is especially useful for larger expos, where exhibitors and sponsors are talking to hundreds of people a day. Give them the opportunity to instantly sift through leads and record interactions on the mobile platform to create lasting relationships.

You’ve already done the hard work by building a stand-out event from the ground up. You’ve gotten your toes wet with success, and now it’s time to take the plunge! New challenges brings the need for implementation of a new platform, that doesn’t just handle ticketing, in order to continue building a memorable event for new and past attendees. With a full-service event platform you can streamline touch-points throughout your on-site experience, leading to stronger branding, and furthermore, happy attendees, sponsors, and employees.

October 26, 2018

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October 26, 2018

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