Things You Need to Stop Doing Now

Technology has certainly made life easier with a multitude of solutions available at the touch of a button. The meeting industry is now using more innovative technologies to create customized events and engage with attendees on levels never seen before. Those who have yet to discover and use these new technologies should make the transition now to save both time and money, and ultimately host better events.

Using Paper Registration Forms

Still using paper registration forms, which require attendees to fill them out and scan or fax back to you? Cut your time and effort in half by having your attendee sign-up process streamlined and secure with an online event registration system. Taking payments online via digital registration is an easy way for people to register at their convenience. Various features in registration software include custom data and registration levels, membership validation and options to add or include guest registrations.

Not Using an Event App

Meeting planners who don’t utilize event apps are missing out on immense opportunities for program promotion and attendee engagement while gathering insight and feedback. Using a custom meeting app will provide attendees with ongoing event logistics, such as push notifications regarding schedule changes, featured sponsors and exhibition locations, and presenter profiles and speaker biographies. Related marketing content such as industry articles and blogs can also be included and will enhance pre-event engagement and interaction.

Pre-Printing Badges

Pre-printed badges and those sticky name tags are a problem you can do without. Last minute attendee substitutions and additional registrations require the ability to create and revise name badges in real time. This can now be done via event management technologies and software, which offer capabilities such as personalized badges and templates, which can be reviewed for accuracy and printed during the check-in process.

Using Paper to Track Attendee Participation

“If you haven’t signed in, you won’t get credit.” The days of having each individual sign in for every single session they attend to track participation for continuing education are ancient history. New technological advancements for meeting planners include options to set the criteria for continuing education, automate participation at event sessions and allow onsite facilitators to scan and track participants from a smartphone.

Not Using Digital Surveys

Paper surveys that require meeting managers to go through and tally the results by hand can be like a bad hangover. Your event went well, but your work isn’t over. Worse yet, you have to try and decipher someone’s illegible hand writing. Instead find an event registration management software that allows for the collection electronic feedback, which can then be analyzed through an algorithm and formatted in a solution-oriented document, which can be used for future meeting planning.

Typos and missing or incorrect information during events can now be a thing of the past. Break old, time consuming habits by utilizing the newest technologies and applications to ensure everything at your meeting is accurate and attractive.

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