Next level virtual and hybrid event collaborations.

We’ve all had to work together to get things done virtually. Zoom especially has been the ultimate tool for connecting and working with just about anyone you think could use your help, or vice-a-versa. Lately, we noticed that all this collaboration has led to some really unique brand partnerships, and some even more unique events. Here are a few examples of how businesses, brands, and organizers are joining forces to create better, more creative, and more connected events. TL:DR – It’s time to collaborate on your next event!

CES + Microsoft

CES, one of the most influential consumer tech conferences in the world, selected Microsoft to be their technology partner for their all virtual 2021 event. Microsoft recently produced a number of benchmark virtual events of their own — including Build 2020, which ran for 48 hrs straight, and pioneered many of the streaming, screen sharing, and the studio quality virtual productions tools that organizers are using today. With Microsoft’s streaming abilities, CES was able to seamlessly provide it’s 80,000 industry attendees, in 167 countries, with information about all of the upcoming consumer tech products. This year, more than ever, people need tech tools to help them do their best work and stay connected. CES and Microsoft rose to the occasions to make that happen — and of course, showed off some cool gadgets in the process!

Architectural Digest + BIDN

Architectural Digest teamed up with BIDN, the Black Interior Designers Network, to create a sustainability themed virtual showhouse, and promote Black talent in the industry. The  showhouse was created by 16 Black led firms, and featured a 15 room, 360 degree, completely shoppable experience. Virtual interviews with the designers were also produced to complement the event, and provide a place where viewers could learn more about the designers and their process. Consumers are drawn to products with a clear process and meaning, just think about Apple. By letting each room tell a different story, AD and BIDN were able to put more meaning behind their work, and create stronger connections with their audience. We’d definitely call that a successful creative partnership.    

Nick Cave + Online Theater Royal Shakespeare Society, Marshmallow Laser Feast

Nick Cave, the famed alt-rock musician and film composer, will be the “voice of the forest” for Dream — an immersive online Shakespeare production. The virtual event is a collaboration between The Royal Shakespeare society, creative studio Marshmallow Laser Feast, and Manchester International Festival. Attendees will experience the online performance by strolling through a virtual midsummer forest — all built with “cutting edge gaming technology.” We found this collaboration particularly important, because it delivers theater and art to people at a time when there isn’t much live theater around, and in a way that had never existed before. Collaboration in the virtual space is key to finding new solutions for the things we need, and even things we didn’t know we needed. Like being able to walk through a talking forest!

IHG Hotels + Williams-Sonoma, Wellness 4 Humanity and weframe

IHG Hotels partnered with Williams-Sonoma, Wellness 4 Humanity, and weframe, to create unique event experiences with many of the basic amenities hybrid event goers will need. Services such as personalized food, rapid testing, cloud connectivity, and enhanced cleanliness measures, are a few of the ways IHG and their partners will prepare for more in person gatherings. While hotels and venues are experts in hospitality, hybrid events require new tools and skills that venues may not have on hand. Bottom line, partnering with other companies allows venues to bring in pretty much whatever they need, and makes attendees happier and safer. Sounds like a slam dunk to us!

Pokemon + Post Malone

In possibly the most unexpected pairing, Post Malone collaborated with Pokemon, to create a 3D virtual concert. Post Malone strolled onto the virtual stage, flanked by Pikachu and Charmander, then proceeded to teleport to virtual jungles, deserts, and underwater worlds, all alongside with various Pokemon that (we must admit) we don’t know the names of. It’s hard to make virtual concerts entertaining. Without the loud music and crowd, it can feel a bit like just watching TV (we do enough of that already). But by combining the performance with a virtual world, the entire entire experience becomes unique, and a true escape from the everyday. The floating Pokemon might have something to do with the escape vibes as well. 

SXSW + Abbey Road Studios, Dynasty Typewriter and more

This year’s virtual SXSW will include live music and comedy performances from some of the most legendary venues and recording studios from around the world. Some locations include Abbey Road Studios (UK), Dynasty Typewriter (LA), a Taoist temple, and even many of the artists’ home studios. Like Architectural Digest’s Open Door, or NPR Tiny Desk home concerts, people are fascinated by seeing artists and people they admire in new locations. Not only that, you’ll be connecting them to a world beyond their usual errands, Zoom calls, and TV shows. Travel is tough these days, but with a little collaboration, organizers can still help people go just about anywhere (virtually of course).

A good collaboration just needs a common goal.

Collaboration doesn’t depend on being in the same exact industry, or profession, or even country. New event solutions and ideas are being created everyday, from brands in all kinds of industries. The most important thing is that you look for a brand or businesses with a common goal. Whether it’s connecting more people, doing something that’s never been done before, or just having more fun virtually — it’s all possible when you work together!

If you are looking for some more inspiration on how to take your next hybrid event, next level. Join our free virtual event ‘How to Hybrid: The Mysteries Unraveled’. Happening live on March 24, at 1PM CT.

March 17, 2021

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March 17, 2021

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