How to host your best SKO ever in 2023.

There’s no denying it, the 2023 sales year is probably going to start off with a bit of a rocky economy. It’s up, it’s down – we’re all rolling with it and pushing forward. Nothing new there!  

But for Sales Kick-Off (SKO) meeting planners, 2023 is a golden opportunity to roll out a bold vision for the future. We’re talking about an event that will energize everyone about the company’s new innovations. Something that will unite your entire sales team and help them reach their goals together. No small task! But luckily we have a plan to get there. To fill you in, here are our top tips for hosting a Kick A$s SKO in 2023!

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Pick the perfect time and date.

Pick a time when you’ll have maximum attendance and your team will be ready to get fired up about the new sales year. 

With remote work, people can work pretty much anywhere, even when traveling. You want to make sure your team knows the exact date of the Sales Kick-Off before they plan any longer getaways or adventures. Also, as it gets closer to the holiday season, you need to get on everyone’s calendar as soon as possible. 

It’s also important to plan your Sales Kick-Off at a time when your team will be most receptive to your message and sales strategies. The event should happen when your team is feeling fully rested after last year’s sales push and has time to reflect on the year ahead. 

The best way to find the perfect SKO date is to simply talk to your team. Reach out and ask how they are doing and what they are planning. A company-wide poll can also get you the basic info, but don’t overlook a personal check-in with each person on your team. 

Salesman with a vision.

Create a vision for the future.

Create a clear vision for the company’s future that you can present to your sales team at the SKO. 

To say that things have changed in the last few years is an understatement. The way we work is completely different, the economy is still in flux, and workers are jostling to find the right path. You need to present a clear vision for how the company will run, where it’s going, and how each and every salesperson fits into the new plan. 

This is where you put your cards on the table. Show your team that you have a unique and winning vision. Wow them with your ingenuity. Give your team the tools they need to take charge of the changing work/life landscape and be sales leaders in the new year. 

Man talking to a group of salespeople on how to host the best SKO ever in 2023.

Get buy-in early. 

You want your team to be excited about the Sales Kick-Off well before the start of the event. 

Preview the SKO’s key components as soon as you hammer down the company’s 2023 vision and sales strategies. This is where you want to build intrigue and genuine interest so that everyone knows the SKO will be an event like no other. 

Use the same marketing strategies you would for any other event, including short-form video, digital flyers, and trailers, engaging memes, as well as thoughtful and sincere messaging. This is also an opportunity to test out your vision in real time with real salespeople. Based on the initial feedback, you can further refine your pitch before the big SKO. 

Man getting ready to lead a group. To how to host the best SKO ever in 2023.

Find good room leaders.

Find a group of leaders that will make everyone feel at home and can raise the energy level of any room they are in. 

When you are meeting in person, you have to remember that there’s no more mute button, no more turning off the camera, and no more meetings from the sofa. Everyone is there in-person and ready to be completely engaged. Any team-building activities need to be polished and rehearsed. Presentations should be short and mainly collaborative. 

It’s also possible that with everyone back in the same room, things will get off the rails faster. Side conversations are easier, and riffs and tangents can happen all around the room. Just being together is more exciting. 

Look for leaders who can acknowledge the tangents, maybe even encourage them a bit, but also know how to get everyone over the finish line by the end of the event. 

Salesman ready to sell.

Set clear goals.

Every person on your team should have a clear goal for what they need to accomplish in the upcoming year. 

Salespeople are by nature self-motivated. They like to meet and exceed their goal. The most important thing you can do is set them up for success and give them clear and achievable goals. These goals should also dovetail with your vision for the business and show everyone how important they are to the entire company’s success.  

This is also a good time to create different sales teams or divisions. Going it alone can only get you so far. If you want to maximize sales, encourage people to work together and get more done as a team. This will both boost sales and increase morale – a win-win!

Sales team members working together.

Keep it social.

All parts of the event should be focused on increasing connections between salespeople and emphasizing the social aspects of doing business. 

We’ve done a lot of sitting and listening in the past few years – now is the time for getting on our feet, talking, walking, and socializing more. Group activities should include everyone, not just small groups at the front. Presentations should require participation from the whole room. 

Pre-plan the groups that salespeople will work together in, and also plan on switching those groups multiple times. Everyone should feel like they had at least one meaningful conversation with each person in the room – which is also the best mindset to drive new business! 

Think big for this year’s Sales Kick-Off meeting.

This is the year to think big when it comes to the vision, goals, and all-around energy of your SKO. 

Crafting a clear and compelling vision for the business and the new year will get everyone fired up and ready to make more sales. Setting clear goals for each salesperson will make sure they know where they fit in the future of the company. And keeping it social will create huge sales energy that everyone can take into the new year. All in all, 2023 is all about thinking big! 

With Expo, we’ll show you how easy it is to create and host an SKO meeting your sales team will love!

August 30, 2022

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August 30, 2022

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