Event branding grows your audience year after year. Here’s why.

Brands are an unavoidable constant in our daily lives. From our coffee in the morning to our favorite TV show at night – branding is never quite out of sight. Not to get too Mad Men-y here! 

But how important is branding for events? Events are experiences and communities – not just products or entertainment. This is true, but successful events also need a compelling message, a way to get that message out, and a plan to keep growing their audience year after year. Event branding is key to unlocking all of this and much more. To get you started, these are our top 5 reasons why you need event branding for your next event.  

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Makes an amazing first impression. 

An event’s brand is the first thing attendees encounter when they go to register, or when sponsors are considering how much money they want to commit. 

Event planners may think that their brand is simply “Their Event” (and their amazing attendees), but that’s only partially true. An event brand also has the logo, design language, voice, and tone, messaging, where the messaging gets posted, and even long-term goals. All of these components work in harmony to connect to attendees and attract new business opportunities. 

Event branding may sound like a big endeavor, but it’s actually more simple than you might think. It all comes down to having an original point of view. Talk about topics that interest you. Create a visual aesthetic that compliments the message. Your brand is simply a way for people to instantly recognize why your event is so unique and compelling. 

ProTip: If you can create an event brand that stands out from the other brands we encounter on a daily basis, the rest will fall into place. 

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Boosts registration and attendee engagement. 

Event branding is one of the best ways to boost registration, increase attendee engagement, and keep your event energy going long after it’s over. 

Attendees register because they know that your event is going to be a new and unique experience that they can’t get anywhere else. Your brand is the number one way to get that message to people and get them committed to the event. 

You can also think of your brand as simply a community that attendees want to be a part of. Maybe they connect with the other attendees in the comments, or maybe your content just makes them happy. Your brand and your message is the key to staying engaged with attendees all year round, even during those long stretches between events. 

Keep in mind that branding can come in many forms. It can be an Instagram story, an event flier, a keynote speaker announcement, a newsletter, or even just a podcast ad. Anything that gets attendees to stop and think about your event is going to increase attendee engagement. 

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Helps guide your marketing team. 

A clear and impactful brand will help guide your marketing team when they are creating visual and messaging assets. 

For example, if your event brand is all about the “Future of Web3,” then your distinct vision for the future will inspire your designs, logos, and images, as well as any creative copy. This ensures that not only does your marketing look and sound good, it emphasizes the vision for the future and the message that your event is trying to get across. 

We also recommend creating brands that contain lots of smaller ideas inside. A good example of this is Comic-Con. Comic-Con’s brand is that it’s for the “fanatics.” It’s for the people that love movies, TV, comics, memorabilia, etc. Our point is that Comic-Con is for a wide range of people with a wide range of interests, but they are united by a common goal – they are fans! 

ProTip: Design and messaging trends move fast, but if you have a core idea that is timeless and long-lasting, you won’t have to rebrand as often. 

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Gives speakers the tools to succeed. 

Your brand is a road map for speakers to better prepare for their presentations and make a stronger connection with attendees.

Speakers want to do the best job possible. They want to give attendees a memorable experience and spark real conversation. This is much easier to do when there is an event brand that they can reference, build on, and even promote after attendees head home. 

Your branding and marketing will also inform speakers about the topics that are going to be most impactful. Speakers can look at your event’s posts on Instagram, Facebook, or Linked-in. And see which ideas are getting the most engagement. The comments on posts are also a great resource for the kinds of questions that speakers might get. 

Your brand can even signal the energy that speakers should bring. If your brand identity is more introspective and meditative, then speakers can match that energy onstage. If all of your posts are quick-cut videos with high-energy copy, then speakers will be ready to bring it! 

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Attracts sponsors, exhibitors, and vendors.

A compelling brand is a beacon for sponsors, exhibitors, and vendors that like your ideas and see your event as a good business opportunity. 

It takes a lot to run a business. You need an online presence, an audience, a message, and hours of original video where you are face-to-face with consumers. Your event brand can help provide all of these things to your business partners.

Sponsors, exhibitors, and vendors alike will be able to market online and in person alongside your event. Not only will this boost their businesses, but it will also exponentially increase the visibility of your brand. A win-win!   

The event itself also provides countless opportunities for businesses to get face-to-face with attendees and create original marketing content. It’s basically a one-stop shop for all their marketing needs – on a scale that sponsors, exhibitors, and vendors won’t get anywhere else. 

Event branding simply creates a stronger event community. 

Event branding is key to creating a bigger and stronger event community, each and every day. 

Your brand is what sparks conversation and gets attendees to register for the event. A compelling marketing campaign can also help speakers create the topics that attendees will be most engaged with. And event branding is a beacon to link-minded businesses that want to collaborate. In reality, a brand is really just about building a community – one logo, post, or blog article at a time! 

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