Empowering Women in the Events Industry. (Webinar Recap)

“You need to find a mentor, on both sides, find a mentor that you can talk to about challenges that you are facing right now in your career and when you realize you’ve outgrown that mentor don’t be afraid to find a new mentor.” – Michelle Harris 

This is just one of the many tips our speakers shared during our Webinar: Empowering Women in the Events Industry. 

Expo Pass celebrated International Women’s Day last week with an empowering discussion led by an amazing panel of experts, including Channing Muller (DCM Communications), Kara Campuzano (KC Creative), and Michelle Harris (Bosstrack). This webinar is full of valuable insights and advice. From discussions on female empowerment to tips for networking, resources, mentorship, and how to navigate the events industry like a pro.

Whether you’re looking to expand your business, enhance your leadership skills, or pursue your passions, this webinar has got you covered. In case you missed it we have a recap of all the best moments and on-demand replay.

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Steps to growing your career.

“Leverage your network, find like-minded professionals, whether you’re a business owner or a leader in your industry.” – Kara Campuzano

Starting a business can be tough, especially when you’re trying to do it on a budget or don’t have funding. But don’t worry, there are plenty of free and affordable resources out there to help you get started. Blog content is a great place to start – it’s a treasure trove of free resources just waiting to be discovered.

But let’s be real, selling your ideas can be scary. You might find yourself asking questions like, “Why would someone buy my ideas?” or “Am I worth taking a chance on?” But don’t let those doubts hold you back! You need to believe in yourself and take a chance on yourself and your ideas. And if you need a little extra help overcoming that mental hurdle, consider getting a business coach to guide you. They can help you identify your limitations and find ways to overcome them. Remember, saying “no” can be hard, but being confident in your abilities is even harder. Find your differentiator and own it!

And if you’re transitioning from contractors to an employees, make sure you keep track of everything. Don’t forget, every new person you bring on board is one more person to manage. So before they can start taking on some of the load, you need to onboard them properly. Take the time to teach them what you need them to know, and you’ll be on your way to success in no time!

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The power of asking questions.

“Whether you are in a corporate environment with events or you are independent if you do not know something, just ask.” – Channing Muller 

Let’s face it, no one has all the answers! And that’s perfectly okay. It’s important to remember that it’s okay to ask questions. In fact, it’s actually a sign of strength to admit when you don’t know something. As Channing Muller wisely puts it, “there is nothing wrong with not having all the answers.”

So, the next time you find yourself getting caught up in the details or feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath and ask for help. Whether it’s asking a colleague for input or taking a step back and re-evaluating what you’re doing, there’s always room for improvement. And remember, trial and error is a natural part of the process. So, be nice to yourself and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get everything right the first time. With each mistake, you’re learning and growing, and that’s a good thing! So, go ahead and ask those questions.

Who knows, you might just learn something new and valuable. And most importantly, don’t forget to be kind to yourself along the way.

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Is there really a work/life balance. 

“There is no work life balance, work is your life and your personal life is your life”. – Kara Campuzano 

Now, let’s be real: work is important, but it’s not everything. As humans, we’ve got to remember to take breaks, connect with loved ones, and pursue our hobbies and interests. Because let’s face it – there’s more to life than just staring at a computer screen all day! So be intentional about carving out time for those things that matter most to you outside of work. At the end of the day, it’s all about priorities. You get to choose what’s important to you and your family. So don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for loving your work or pursuing your passions. Yup, you heard us right!

If you’re a parent, you’ve got this. Plus you’re showing your family what it looks like to chase your dreams and make something of yourself.

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Being transparent. 

“We are humans, all of us. We have flaws, we have kids, we all wear pajamas.” – Channing Muller 

No one – and I mean NO ONE – is happy and positive all the time. We all have our moments of struggle, doubt, and even downright negativity. And that’s okay! In fact, it’s important to let that barrier down and show your team that you’re human too.

We all have our off days, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. But here’s the thing: being authentic and real with your team is crucial. You can’t just put on a happy face and pretend everything’s fine when it’s not. That’s not going to build trust or lead to success. Instead, you need to have honest, critical conversations with your team – even if it’s uncomfortable. That’s the only way to build a foundation of trust and respect. And let’s not forget about self-awareness. It’s not just about looking at your team and their needs – you need to look at yourself too. Make sure you’re confident in your own abilities, and that you know what needs to get done. But don’t fall into the trap of micromanaging!

You hired your team for a reason, so trust them to do their jobs and hold them accountable when needed. At the end of the day, you want your team to be supportive and have each other’s backs. And that starts with you! Be a team player, be authentic, and be real. Show your team that you’re there for them, and they’ll be there for you too. Together, you’ll achieve great things!

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