Empowered teams, effective events: A guide to delegation.

There are only so many hours in the day (unfortunately), even if you’re a master at time management! For event planners, that means handing out tasks from your own pile and onto your team – aka: delegation.

But how do you choose how to divvy up the work? How can you ensure that tasks are handled with ultimate care and get completed on time? No worries – today we will be going over the steps to successfully delegate tasks to boost your team productivity and get way more done.

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Decide what to delegate.

The first step is to take inventory of all the work that needs to get done. Make a list or pull up your project management system. With all of the tasks in front of you, begin categorizing them by level of simplicity, importance, or date. More simple tasks can be handled by team members, but you should keep those “make-or-break” tasks for yourself. Keep your focus on vital projects, and let your team handle the rest.

Now, here’s a nifty trick: the Eisenhower Matrix. List down all your tasks and separate them into categories like urgency, importance, or deadlines. Get your priorities straight – tackle the urgent and important ones head-on, and let the squad handle the less critical stuff. It’s like a game plan that keeps you on top of it all while making sure everyone’s playing to their strengths. Easy peasy, right?

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Take a look at your team.

Time to play “matchmaker” with team members and tasks – you’re looking for compatibility! Who is the best person to complete the job? Make a list of your team members along with their strengths, experience, and work styles.

Are they a lone wolf or do they prefer to work alongside the team? Are they driven by analytics and numbers, or do they want to get more creative?

For example, if Jessica is super organized and has skills in event logistics and coordination, she’d be the best person to take care of choosing a venue and scheduling. If your team member Liam is outgoing, has experience in marketing with a stylish eye, he could probably knock it out of the park with social media management.

When your team is given tasks that align with their abilities and interests, they will feel more committed to achieving results that’ll blow you (and future event attendees) away!

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Set clear goals and expectations.

Is there anything more challenging than receiving ambiguous instructions? When entrusted with a task, the lack of clarity can induce confusion and a sense of not knowing where to start, leading to panic.

This underscores the importance of establishing clear expectations. By articulating precisely what you expect your team members to achieve, you empower them to dive into their responsibilities with confidence and without hesitation.

A few things can help clarify a task for your teammates: defined goals, deadlines, and how success will be measured. Provide context for the tasks and how they will play a part in the big picture. You want your teammates to be on board with the brand’s overall goals and excited to work towards them.

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Provide the resources for success.

Okay – so you’ve handed out the recipe for success, now it’s time to provide the ingredients. Now that you have the recipe for success, it’s time to provide the ingredients! To successfully delegate tasks, make sure that your team members have all the resources they need. Resources can include tools, finances, support from their team, and more.

Give everybody access to digital tools such as project management software to keep tasks organized in one central hub. Team communication platforms can be used to stay in touch or ask teammates for feedback. Educational resources such as training sessions are a great way to brush up on your skills and keep up with industry changes. Lastly, don’t forget that YOU are a resource! Be available to your teammates to provide guidance, answer questions, and give support.

Your encouragement can make a huge difference in their confidence and ability to succeed!

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Stay checked in.

To successfully delegate tasks to the people on your team, you need to check in on a regular basis! This keeps things clear, organized, and lends to the overall progress. Haven’t heard from a team member in a while? Don’t hesitate to reach out with a friendly email and see if they need any assistance, clarification, or support. Keeping communication open is super helpful!

A shared central hub where tasks and projects are organized (such as Google Drive) is super helpful. Everyone can have easy access to relevant documents, updates, templates, and other important information to get things done.

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Hand over your control.

Giving up the reins of control can be a little scary, especially for all you perfectionists, but it’s necessary when delegating tasks. Micromanaging your team can cause you to lose precious time and can make your teammates feel like you don’t trust them. So it’s time to put your faith in the people you delegate to, and let them surprise you!



February 20, 2024

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February 20, 2024

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