All the ways to give back in the event world this year… and some new and thoughtful ways to give in the future.

It’s been a tough year for the event and hospitality industries. For many, just trying to stay afloat everyday is stressful, unpredictable, and sometimes confusing. The holidays are usually one of our busiest times for live events, but that’s just not the case this year. And more than anything else, event and hospitality workers could really use a helping hand right now. We’ve included a few charities below, but it’s a big world, and times are tough all over, so anywhere you can give will mean a lot to people.  

Looking towards a brighter future, we also checked out some new ways that people are starting to raise money in the virtual world. And discovered some thoughtful charity components to add to your next virtual event. From here on out, this article is all things giving. Which is the way it’s supposed to be at this time of year… Especially this year.

A few event and hospitality charities to consider.

Picture of adult hands holding a child's hands that are holding a red heart with a Santa hat next to the "EventWell" logo

EventWell Christmas Party Appeal

The EventWell Christmas Party Appeal is asking companies to donate funds that would have paid for their in-person holiday party space — “to support those suffering hardship in the Live Event / Hospitality industry.” Event Well is a non-profit organization dedicated to being the mental health and wellbeing voice of the Event Industry. Which is essential now more than ever. All money raised goes directly to workers in need in the form of direct financial support, mental health services, and a number of wellbeing programs launching in 2021. We may not be able to have holiday parties at all the places that we used to, but we can still help the people that bring those spaces to life.

Golden Rule Charity

Golden Rule Charity GIF montage showcasing some rules

Golden Rule Charity supports people in the hospitality industry who are experiencing unexpected hardship. The hospitality industry has always been there for us. Whenever we need a place to hangout, eat, relax or celebrate — especially in the event world. Hospitality workers are always striving to be better and more inventive. To create better dishes and a better experience. It’s important that we are there for them when they need it most. This is what Golden Rule Charity is all about, lifting people the way they lift us. All Golden Rule Charity funds go directly to individuals in need and supporting local communities.

RWCF "Food Gives Us Life" GIF montage

Restaurant Workers Community Foundation COVID 19 Relief Fund

The RWCF COVID-19 Relief Fund will distribute 50% of all funds directly to restaurant workers in need, 25% to non-profit organizations serving restaurant workers in crisis, and 25% for zero-interest loans for restaurants to get back up and running. RWCF is “an advocacy and action nonprofit created by and for restaurant workers.” They are also experienced in fostering community and addressing quality of life issues that affect restaurant workers disproportionally. It’s never been easy being a restaurant worker, even before COVID-19. But RWCF is working towards making long term restaurant work more sustainable and fair for everyone involved.

Some nice ways to get active and give back at the same time.

Screenshot from Natiowide_run instagram post with the text "50km by New Year's: Audacious. But very doable."

Run Across America’s Holiday Hustle

Run Across America’s Holiday Hustle challenges people to run or walk or move 50km before New Year’s day. Or “50k before new years day.” It’s got a nice ring to it. And we could all use that kind of activity around the holidays. But more importantly, Run Across America will match your $45 entrance fee, and donate every penny to Feeding America. Participation also gets you a t-shirt and access to the tracking app where you can create a team, or join various challenges to keep you motivated and on track. A little motivation to run, and give back twice what you put in, may be just what we need this year.

Man riding an indoor cycle bike virtually with VR display being shown as well

Zwift Tour For All

The Zwift Tour For All in May 2020 donated $125,000 dollars to the Doctors Without Border/COVID relief fund, and an additional $125K after 250,000 users took part in the tour. If you haven’t figured it out from the gif, Zwift is basically a cycling, running, or walking simulator. Users connect stationary bikes or treadmills to the Zwift app, and then watch a 3D avatar competing in virtual worlds (which sometimes also include volcanoes, T-Rexes, and other fun stuff). And one of the best parts about Zwift is that it’s easy to organize a charity ride of your own. There’s obviously a little equipment necessary to make a virtual cycling event happen, but we love the idea of virtual charity events that can literally make people feel connected all around the world. Because that’s what charity is all about.

Some tech/apps options to help you raise some money for charity at your next virtual event.


GIF of different virtual calls with money being raised by donations

Pledgeling gives you all the tools you need to easily organize a virtual charity event over zoom, twitch, tiktok, instagram and more. Basically the platform overlays donation widgets, money counters, and “text to give” prompts over your livestream — turning any virtual get together into a charity session. Because why not? This is what we love most about virtual charity events — they can happen anytime, anywhere, with a few people or thousands. The tech is simple to set up and the rest of your event is just about connecting with the people at your event. The way it should be.

Chairty Miles advertisement with caption "Every Mile Matters"

Charity Miles

Charity Miles will donate money to the charity of your choice anytime you move. Some movement options include running, walking, biking, and even dancing. And new for this year, the Charity Miles Empower program offers a platform for businesses to work as a team to donate even more. Business can also ensure that the money goes to charities that the employees and the company really care about. There’s even some options to create friendly competition between co-workers. At a time when employees are spread apart, and it’s almost impossible to get together in person, this is a totally safe and easy way to help people connect, move, and give back at the same time. 

There’s no right way to give, but it feels good when you do.

There’s no right way to give, but we do know it feels good to chip in. And a little bit goes a long way this year. Whether it’s giving directly to the event world, or maybe to the people on the front lines, or ever just walking for charity. It all helps. And that’s the most important part of charity. Lending a helping hand.

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