5 Quick Tech Tips to Upgrade Your Exhibitor Packages

In between creating an agenda, working out on-site logistics with your venue, and ensuring attendees are taken care of, it is imperative to maintain great relations for your exhibitors – and keeping them signed on from year to year.

Keeping your exhibitors happy requires planning, innovation, and communication – all of which are crucial in offering better, fresher exhibitor packages that will keep them in your revenue stream each year. Technology changes constantly, so what better way to upgrade your event’s exhibitor packages than through tech?

Your exhibitors are looking for new ways to connect with their audience and are choosing your event for which to do so; put them in the driver’s seat with these five tech tips:

1. Branding Your Check-In

If there is one thing an exhibiting company loves, it’s seeing their name in lights. The minute attendees walk through the door is an opportunity to offer your exhibitors the chance to connect with them. Are you using a digital check-in kiosk? If you are, nice job you are on top of your game!  If not, check out how we are streamlining the event check-in and badge printing process.  The event check-in screen is prime real estate. Consider branding the home screen with the color scheme and logo of your top sponsor or you can post multiple exhibitor logos.

2. Brand Your Event App

Using an event app is a great way to engage with your audience and pass on vital event logistics. In addition, it’s a great way to offer your sponsors another touch-point with attendees. Just like your check-in screen, your event app home screen is another great advertising opportunity giving your exhibitor(s) direct access to attendees. Also, make sure to find an event app that includes company profiles and the opportunity to upload materials for attendees to view.  Your sponsor’s marketing departments love any opportunity to share promotional materials, giveaways and other pieces of curated content.

3. Real-time Lead Retrieval

It’s time to ditch the signup sheets and fish bowls. Give your exhibitors an easy and interactive way to collect attendee information with an intuitive lead retrieval system. Bonus points if you use system that can be used with or without internet access. Extra bonus points if you use an app instead of requiring your exhibitors to rent or purchase additional hardware. Real-time lead retrieval is a surefire way to give your exhibitors a means to connect with attendees in the moment. Your exhibitors can then focus on engaging with their audience rather than the tedious task of manually collecting contact information and feedback.

4. Monetize Social Media

Social media not only a great promotional tool, but is steadily becoming a mainstay on-site. Give your exhibitors added branding with live social media feeds on jumbo screens, along with sponsored posts, quick polls through Facebook and Twitter, and exhibitor features through digital slideshows projected on a wall or screen. Not only do attendees feel encouraged to post, they also engage with the information generated. Also, consider offering a sponsored hashtag or social media account takeover. You can even have different sponsors for each channel from LinkedIn to Snapchat.

5. Post Event Webinars

Your attendees are most receptive immediately following an event. Why not take advantage of that enthusiasm and offer them a further educational opportunity with one of your leading sponsors? The conversation doesn’t have to stop once the last exhibitor booth is packed up. A post event webinar is a great way to keep your attendees engaged between events. It keeps the interaction going by allowing attendees to expand on topics of interest, and more importantly helps position your sponsor as a thought leader. In addition, most webinar platforms offer engagement statistics and data that you can share with with your sponsor to enhance your package.

Your exhibitors are there to build their database, connect with their audience, and ultimately make a sale; your exhibitor packages should help them do so. Focusing on quick and simple ways for them to connect with decision makers on site will keep them within your revenue stream – and make you top of mind when they are planning their budgets!

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