What does planning a successful event in 2022 look like?

The way we meet now is constantly changing. In just a handful of months, we’ve seen the return of marquee in-person events and festivals, virtual events that completely redefine how the world meets, and hybrid experiences we’d only ever dreamed of in science fiction. But what will successful events actually look like in the future, and what does this mean for the future of event planning? 

We’ve been thinking about this quite a bit, and it seems like it’s all going to come down to balance. Work/Life balance. Virtual/In-person balance. Successful events, in any format, will fit seamlessly into the way we live now, at this moment. 

Big goals, but here are a few ways to make it happen.

Sports team mascot wearing a face mask.

How to have a safe and successful in-person event?

Everyone wants to go back to meeting in person like we used to, but the reality is it’s just not as easy these days. Planning a successful in-person event in 2022 will require a few extra ground rules. Many of which we already use in our daily lives. 

Here are a few things that organizers are doing to improve safety and create successful events: 

Vaccines and test requirements:

Events like CES, SXSX, and the Super Bowl, all require attendees to be vaccinated or provide a negative test result. CLEAR Health Pass, and other health apps, can provide a private and secure way for attendees to log their health info. 

Use rapid tests:

Rapid tests are free and everywhere now. Ask attendees to bring at least one for themselves so that everyone has the power to test and find peace of mind instantly. Want tests at your event? Try reaching out to a rapid test provider for sponsorship. 

Hygiene reminders:

We’re all expert hand washers by now. Remind guests that they need to wash those mitts more often at events. And keep a lid on errant sneezes! 

Social distancing and mask etiquette:

Most recent and upcoming in-person events ask attendees to stay 6 feet apart whenever possible, and to wear a mask indoors, or when in large groups.

Play it safe:

Ask attendees to stay home if they don’t feel well. Send them a care package and ensure they have full access to any virtual event features.

Note: We are all in an ever-shifting public health situation, so it’s always best to consult your local health officials and experts when crafting safety ground rules for your event. 

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How to create better virtual events in 2022?

Recent virtual event trends point to maximum convenience. It should take less effort, less time, and less stress to attend virtually when compared to any other event format. 

But this doesn’t mean that virtual events should feel low-key. 

Virtual attendees want big event experiences on small screens. A virtual event should feel just as special in its own way. It should be something they will want to remember. 

Here’s a list of virtual events tips to get you started planning a successful virtual event:

Make it easy to attend.

Everything from registration, check-in, and attending the event, should be no more than a click away. If your event isn’t as easy to watch as a youtube video, then you are already behind the competition. 

Be helpful.

Great virtual events have professional moderators directing attendees to breakout rooms, guiding chat rooms, and helping to create a positive online experience at all times.

Connect with attendees.

We are all more comfortable meeting online these days. Bring attendees into the event and make your event feel like one big event stage.

Video quality matters.

Use a virtual event platform that can stream in HD 1080p. Invest in quality web cameras and microphones for presenters. Think like you are producing a reality TV show because, in a way, you are. 

Keeping things short.

Virtual events are screen time, and screen time gets tiring. Encourage speakers to focus only on their most important points. Keep sessions short and work in plenty of breaks!

Team connecting with a hybrid meeting of in-person and virtual to plan a successful event.

What is the future of event management?

Event management trends in 2022 will be all about making event experiences easier and more convenient in every way. 

For in-person and hybrid:

Events organizers will want to take cues from the latest trends in hybrid work culture. This means creating ground rules that make people feel safe and comfortable meeting in person. The addition of hybrid spaces allows attendees to connect from anywhere, such as the Google campfire spaces (pictured above). 

For virtual:

This means creating bigger experiences with less screen time. Event organizers will be finding ways to make smaller amounts of content just as engaging, impactful, and visually interesting as possible. 

Beyond that, the future of event management will be all about finding more harmony and zen in our ever-changing work-life balances. Both attendees (and organizers) want successfully planned events that can complement our online and in-person lives, all while sparking joy like events are meant to. It’s a big challenge, and we may not know exactly how that will look in the future.

What we do know is we are getting closer every day!

Planning an event? Here at Expo, we have the tools to help you create the perfect in-person, virtual, or hybrid events. From low-touch in-person Event Check-in, to a virtual event platform with HD streaming quality, we’re here to help bring your event to life. Just reach out at info@expopass.com or fill out the form here.

March 9, 2022

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March 9, 2022

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