Top podcasts for the modern-day event organizer.

Event planning podcasts are everywhere, on every topic you can think of. In fact, we found literally thousands of podcast episodes for event planners streaming right this second! 

But what can planners really learn from people just sitting around talking about events? That’s not planning! Also, what if you are looking for inspiration and insights into the future of how people meet? All we can say is that there’s a podcast out there for any and all of your event planning needs, no matter what. To get you started, these are the top podcasts for the modern-day event organizer. 

The Events Cast Podcast

The Events Cast

The Events Cast, hosted by Francesca Balit, the Co-founder & Event Web Specialist at Bbr Web Design & Management and an event website expert, goes in-depth on a range of marketing topics that are essential to any organizer. 

Recent show topics include: How to write copy to better market your event, Talking to your audience with empathy to increase conversion, The biggest mistakes on websites, and many more themes that focus directly on event planning.  

The Events Cast also features inspiring interviews with leaders from all parts of the event world. In a recent episode, Balit sat down with Naomi Clare Crellin to talk about Crellin’s career journey, starting with her degree in interior design from RISD, to then becoming the CEO of Storycracy LAB, one of the most innovative experiential marketing firms around. 

If you are looking for unique and creative interviews, paired with actionable advice you can apply directly to your planning, The Events Cast is one of the best places to start. 

Episodes are typically 15-35 min and updated weekly. 

Behind the Clipboard Podcast

Behind The Clipboard – Expert Event Tips 

Behind The Clipboard – Expert Event Tips, hosted by Tamara Cook and Melissa Howie, is exactly what it’s advertising – two event experts with years of experience giving clear tips you can use right now. 

Episode topics are typically focused on tasks and scenarios that event organizers face every day, such as Pre and Post Event Day Rituals, Event Venue Site Visit Tips, Event Tips for the Right AV Team, and many more situations organizers will love learning about. 

During Behind the Clipboard’s recent show on Event Branding, the hosts talked about their personal experience creating brands, as well as how you should feel when presented with new branding. The long and short of it was that you should love your brand at first sight – and the hosts had some great tips to make sure that happens!

If you’re looking for actionable event tips, grounded in real-life situations and experiences, we highly recommend giving Behind the Clipboard a listen. 

Episodes are typically 30-45 min and updated weekly. 

Event Brew

Event Brew, hosted by event professionals Dustin Westling, Will Curran, Nick Borelli, and Thuy Diep, is all about debating the hottest and most controversial topics in the event world. 

The podcast is self-described as the place where you can hear what event planners are really talking about in the lobbies and bars of event venues. Some topics include: Which Personal Technologies are Useful In The Events Industry?, Building Online Supplier Relationships: Does It Work?, and Event Profs Should Embrace Metaverse Events, And Here’s Why. 

During a recent episode about using event platforms to boost audience engagement, the hosts broke down all their recent experiences where technology both made the event awesome and made the event not very awesome. It was definitely a must-listen for learning about the best ways event technology can bring people together. 

If you want unfiltered opinions about event planning, from people who are creating events everyday, Event Brew is the place to go. 

 Roughly 45 min episodes and updated bi-weekly 

99% Invisible Podcast

99% invisible

99% Invisible, hosted by Roman Mars, uses the themes of design and architecture to help us rethink how and where people meet. 

The shows are often topical, and relevant, but also tell personal stories of a place, or way of life, that we wouldn’t otherwise run into. Look for topics that range from Octagonal Houses to the future of offices, and even what really happened to all the shopping malls!

99% invisible is also exceptionally well produced. The soundtracks and audio interludes add depth and emotion to the experience. Not to mention, each story takes you on a journey that’s genuinely grounded in how we all experience the world together.  

If you’re looking for a good escape podcast on your afternoon walk, that will also teach you about the ways spaces and places are key to our lives, 99% invisible is the way to go. 

Episodes are roughly 45 min and updated daily. 

Marketing School Podcast

Marketing School 

Marketing School, hosted by Neil Patel and Eric Siu, is a daily 5 min or less breakdown of the most up-to-date marketing issues that are happening at this moment. 

The hosts use a short format to give high-level explanations of an issue, followed by their personal takes. Recent issues include Audio Ads, The Future of Advertising, How to Hire Content Creators, Marketing Trends, and many things event organizers want to know about.

A key feature of this podcast is that the hosts give their unfiltered opinion on what listeners should do. For example, in the episode on the future of advertising, the hosts made clear that it’s all about going where the audience is. For example, if your audience is on their TV screens, then run ads there, but if they aren’t in the Metaverse yet, then don’t worry about it. Simple. 

If you’re looking for quick, well-thought-out takes on very current marketing trends, Marketing School is the perfect way to get your fix. Also, look out for longer episodes every couple of months with special guests and interviews.

5 min or less episodes updated daily. 

CMO Podcast

CMO – Jim Stengel

CMO, hosted by Jim Stengel, is one of the premier podcasts to follow for key insights and inspiration from the world’s leading marketing professionals. 

Guests are high-level executives from companies such as Instacart, Airbnb, WNBA, and any business that is on the leading edge of customer satisfaction and marketing. Each show also has a theme or creative direction that ties into the guest’s life experiences and career journey. 

On a recent episode with Alice Milligan, CMO of Morgan Stanley, Milligan talked about starting as an administrative assistant at American Express, rising to the level of executive, and then eventually running the company’s entire online user experience. She also shared experiences about jumping careers, steering companies into the future, and marketing toward the next generation. Really enlightening stuff. 

If you are looking for stories and ideas from people who are at the top of their careers and still innovating, CMO is a great choice. 

Episodes are roughly 45 min and updated weekly. 

There’s a podcast for any and all of your event planning needs. 

There’s an event planning podcast out there to help you with marketing, planning, tech, venues, design, and any kind of inspiration you are looking for. 

Pods like Event Cast and Behind The Clipboard are perfect for getting actionable and easy-to-use tips, as well as plenty of inspiration from special guests. 99% invisible and Event Brew are great for getting a different perspective on how people meet. And Marketing School and CMO are your one-stop shop for quick tips and in-depth discussion from the most successful people in marketing. So whatever your event needs, there’s a podcast for that! 

July 25, 2022

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July 25, 2022

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