Three Steps to Convince Your Boss it’s Time for a Tech Upgrade

In event planning, you are well aware technologies exist that could enhance the experience for your staff, exhibitors, and most importantly, the attendees. Where you skirmish is finding the best way to ask upper-management to implement new technology. No fear! Walk away from this three-step guide knowing how to connect your ask to what your boss cares about: the bottom line.

1. Shed Light on the Pain Points

Between pre-event registration and onsite event experience, if you aren’t utilizing a full-service technology, you can ensure there are some inconsistencies with branding, the annoying use of multiple third-parties, and in many cases, the lack of an event app. With the due diligence of implementing a new tech, you can relieve pain points, leading to better customer experience. As competitors implement tech, it’ll become even essential for you to jump aboard the bandwagon to stay afloat.

A few examples of pain points include:

We aren’t embedding registration forms on our website. Therefore, an attendee needs to click on a link, directing them to a third party to register. Through this third-party, we can’t fully customize data or registration levels. Our attendees aren’t experiencing a seamless, branded registration experience.

On-site, we are having trouble getting attendees in the door quickly and efficiently, causing them to wait in long lines. This is their first on-site touchpoint with our brand, and we’re painting a negative picture but not streamlining entry.

2. Lay Out the Solution

Every pain point has a solution. In this case, connect the dots using your potential technology’s features. For example:

Pre-event registration: This new technology offers the ability to build custom data, allowing different registration levels, if needed. We would also be provided the capability to add registration forms to our website, creating a simple registration flow.

On-site registration: This feature provides for independent attendee check-in and kiosk badge printing, allowing for attendees to take the reins, instantly reviewing and printing their own badges.

3. Connecting to the Bottom Line

Your summary should look similar to this:

By implementing new tech for pre-event registration, our attendees would experience a seamless pre-registration experience, providing a positive first touchpoint with the brand, ultimately leading to referrals.

By implementing new tech for on-site registration, we are streamlining entry, leaving attendees with a positive on-site experience, paving the way for happy, returning customers. 

Lastly, it’s essential in connecting to the bottom line that you provide a cost analysis of what you are paying for the use of all of your third-parties, paired with the single cost of a full-service technology.

The key with these three fool-proof steps is connecting your ask to the bottom line. Remind them how streamlining the different areas of event execution will ultimately lead to better branding and event growth. Take the tips outlined here, create your unique yet concise proposal, set up a meeting with your boss, take a deep breath, and see you on the other side.

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