Live Streamed to Live Attendee

Have you ever watched a beautiful scene from a movie and then resolved ‘someday’ you are going to visit that location? Or have you watched an event like the Super Bowl or a large music festival on television as it is happening and wished you had been there? If you answered yes, then you totally get how live streamed content can definitely lead to more live attendees. Live events streaming and video streaming online really works, and it is an excellent way to introduce your event and your client to a larger audience.

When Prince Charles of Wales married the lovely Lady Diana Spencer in 1981, I and some 749 million viewers, in addition to their invited guests and another 600,000 waiting to get a glimpse in the streets, watched the ceremony from all around the world. This is the power of live event streaming, and it is definitely still making a huge impact on the world of events management. It has been over 36 years since that day, and we all still have some memories of the event. Why? It’s because humans are visual creatures. When you decide to live stream events, it is impactful and draws more people into your audience, expanding your client’s brand and introducing more people from your client’s target audience to who and what they are and how they do what they do.

How to Set up a Live Stream Event

As an event organizer, one of your main concerns is reaching a maximized audience according to your client’s needs and wants. One of the best ways to meet that goal is through the use of live streaming. Believe it or not, live streaming has become the norm in our society. Technology is so commonplace, it is almost expected to be part of the package in many settings. According to Forbes, “Users watch four billion hours of online streaming video a month.” As an organizer, it is imperative you learn how to live stream your client’s events, especially concerts, sporting events, and even weddings.

To broadcast your event, the minimum you will need includes a streaming service, recording equipment, an encoder, a capture card, and embedding. Let’s take a look at each of these for optimal understanding of video streaming services and streaming video hosting.

streaming service platform is essential for live streaming. These provide necessary bandwidth and specialized servers to put out a great broadcast. The service will help control online congestion, successfully accommodating the number of viewers who sign up and in. Here is where you ensure your client’s live stream is delivered globally with top quality in each location. Your streaming service will also help with the monetization of your client’s stream and may offer features such as subscription viewing or pay-per-view options.

camcorder of great quality will pay dividends for your broadcast. The Canon Vixia HF G30 and Sony HVR-NX5U are good choices.

The capture card is needed to convert video properly so it is streamable. This is installed in your (or the client’s) computer. Those using a webcam won’t need a capture card.

An encoder is necessary if you or the client’s video streaming service decides to use a laptop or webcam for online video platform streaming. These encoders give your client’s stream a real professional look, and some even offer support for an unlimited number of cameras, wireless performance, and other built-ins such as titles, scoreboards, and transitions.

You and your client work hard to create memorable events, conferences, tradeshows, and other events. It’s only fair the rest of the world have the opportunity to enjoy what you have produced. That is exactly what live event streaming will do for your client’s brand and your own event management organization. If it is worth capturing, it is worth sharing, especially since you will be building your client’s brand and name as you do. The next time, you will see increased attendance because those who watched will want to be there in person.

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February 15, 2018

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February 15, 2018

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