Lead Retrieval for exhibitors, this is why it’s great.

As we continue to get back into the swing of things with in-person events we all have a lot to catch up on. There are new people to meet, new businesses to explore, and lots of networking to make up for. 

But what’s really the best way for exhibitors to meet more attendees and trade contact info at events? And how can we make sure that sales teams will have the best info when reaching out to new leads? The answer – Lead Retrieval. Today we’ll tell you how it works and give you our top 5 reasons why you absolutely need Lead Retrieval at your event!

Expo pass lead retrieval on iPad.

How does Lead Retrieval work? 

Lead Retrieval is all about creating the simplest way to trade contact info and make real connections on the event floor. Here’s how we do it at Expo: 

  • A QR code is printed on each attendee’s badge. 
  • Exhibitors scan the badge to collect an attendee’s contact info. 
  • As soon as a badge is scanned you can track who you are meeting and keep your sales and marketing team updated on new leads. 
  • After the event, just upload all your leads to your CRM database. 

That’s it! Simple, right? Now here’s our full breakdown on why Lead Retrieval is a very big deal. 

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Get more leads.

Lead Retrieval ensures that each and every attendee on the event floor has a simple and efficient way to share their contact info with exhibitors. 

All variables or barriers are taken out of the equation. No more trading business cards, taking the time to write down info or finding a new person among 1,000 other airdrop profiles. Everything attendees need to in order to share their contact info with exhibitors is already on their badge. 

We’d also note that a QR code on a badge helps keep people in “event mode.” Attendees will be less prone to distractions on their phones every time they want to trade contact info. The badge itself keeps everyone focused on the event and the business they came there to do. 

All of this equals more interaction, more engagement, and more leads. Win!

Expo pass lead retrieval on iPad.

Find better leads.

We recommend using a Lead Retrieval platform that allows exhibitors to pose qualifying questions to each new lead they meet. We all want to meet more leads, but what we really need are leads that turn into new business. 

Your qualifying questions can range from asking about the lead’s responsibilities at their company, their larger business goals, or any key questions that help you decide who might be a good fit for your business. 

Attendees will of course be able to see your exhibitor profile as well, which contains the information and marketing that best represent your company. Keeping all of this info in one place also means that everyone can put their best foot forward on the event floor, and make the best connections possible. 

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Use real-time data and analytics. 

Lead Retrieval apps give you a real-time look at who you are meeting at your event, when, where, and even who they might have chatted with at your company. 

Events can be a whirlwind. Attendees going here and there. We have so many conversations sometimes it all runs into the next. This is why you’ll want to be able to take a step back and look at how the event is going from a real-life data standpoint (and we’re not just talking about the number of empty coffee cups under the table).

See the companies that the people you are meeting work for. See their job titles, their interests, or if there are any gaps in the kinds of lead you are looking for. You can even find out if there are times when it looks like the booth is either overstaffed or understaffed. 

Use this data to coach your team on the floor. Let them know how to refine their strategy, or the best times to have everyone at the booth. Bottom line, data is essential to meeting the best leads on today’s event floor.

Expo pass lead retrieval on iPad.

Streamline sales and marketing. 

All of the new leads and data you collect on the event floor will end up in one place. Ready for the sales and marketing teams to keep the connection going. 

As soon as you meet a lead, your team can start the process of developing a tailored pitch. They’ll already know a bit about each lead, who they talked to, or what they are looking for. This will help your sales team hit the ground running when they reach out. 

And the best part – your team will only be reaching out to pre-approved leads. All of the calls they make after the event will lead to more business and better connections. 

Save time. Lots of it! 

Lead Retrieval saves time. Period. Forget about inputting business cards by hand. After the event, just download all the leads in any format you need and then upload them to your CRM database. 

Attendees also save time fumbling for business cards, or finding a contact in their phone, or repeating a tricky email address that they hope gets written down correctly. 

Lead Retrieval is just a faster and more efficient way for everyone to meet. 

Lead Retrieval creates stronger connections. 

At every step, Lead Retrieval makes it easier to create stronger connections between exhibitors and attendees. 

Using one unified system ensures that everyone will meet the volume of leads they are looking for. Key qualifying questions allow the best leads to shine through. And the data and analytics let you keep an eye on how the event is progressing. The process is easy, efficient, and keeps everyone focused on making better connections. The way it should be.

If you are interested in Lead Retrieval for your next event, click here for more info on what we have to offer!

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