Keeping Payments Safe with Simple & Secure Registration

The ultimate goal of any event organizer is to make things as easy as possible — that means easy for sponsors, easy for exhibitors and, of course, easy for attendees. Part of that ease of service is offering a secure but convenient registration format.

Security is on everyone’s mind these days as cybercrimes become more prevalent. In 2014, around 47 percent of adults in this country reported they had their personal details stolen. It is estimated that most businesses face and fend off a cyberattack around 16,856 times a year. What can organizers do to protect themselves and their clients from this threat while still making the registration process tantalizing for potential event attendees?

The right registration service is the answer. Find out more about why processing security matters during event registration and how you can get it.

What Is Processing Security?

With over 1 million cyberattacks each year, processing security is something every event coordinator needs to consider. Put simply, processing security refers to protecting information. A proper processing security program takes steps to prohibit unauthorized access to data. When it comes to attendee registration, processing security provides layers that comply with current laws and regulations to shield data from system intruders.

Why Is Processing Security Essential?

When planning an event, you want to make registration as simple as possible while still ensuring the attendee that their personal information and payment details remain private. In most cases, this will involve a platform that allows them to register to attend and make payments online or through a mobile device. With the right security in place, events can provide their target audience with everything they need right on their smartphones, including the option to register to attend an expo and pay at the same time.

What Are the Different Levels of Security?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) exist to ensure the public’s safety when providing their personal details and payment information online. Their goal is to guarantee that all companies who accept, process and store information do it in a secure environment. The compliance levels are set up based on the potential number of transactions, with Level 1 being the highest. An organization offering Level 1 processing security has the potential to put through over 6 million transactions each year.

Expo wants to give its clients top level processing security. At PCI Compliance Level 1, we provide you with the most stringent of standards for registration processing using Stripe as our security company. For you, this means:

  • HTTPS and HSTS secure connections
  • Secure data encryption
  • Data migration PGP key for secure sensitive data

It’s the highest level of processing security available, which is why Expo chose it. Our goal is the same as yours — safe but convenient registration. We’ve done our homework and know that Stripe is the best way to offer that to both clients and event attendees. Through the Expo event registration services, any person looking to attend can sign up and pay in a secure and easy to access environment.

What’s the best way to get attendees to register for your next event? Make it simple. When they go online to get all the dish about the show, they have the opportunity to register and pay without making a phone call or sending a check. It’s the one-stop shopping today’s consumer expects. With Expo’s event registration system, you provide it using the top level of security processing available.


October 26, 2017

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October 26, 2017

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