Is Event Security Worth It

What to Consider When It Comes to Event Safety

We’ve seen it all lately: viral videos of festival goers taking part in a the crowd control fiasco at TanaCon 2018 which authorities called a ‘mob scene’ as a result of excited attendees overcrowding entrances, and even brawls at smaller-scale events like weddings. While most events are much more low-key than these, one thing to consider when planning your next event is whether or not to hire security.

The word ‘security’ can hold a different meaning in an infinite number of contexts and refer to anything from directing order in the parking lots to ensuring the safety of attendees when getting from point A to point B. While it may seem like an added expense to your overall event budget, there are several reasons to consider when deciding to add security to your lists of venue must-haves.

Safety first – and second, and third…

In addition to planning an amazing agenda, securing the best speakers, and choosing the perfect menus, it’s also important to ensure that your attendees have a safe experience throughout the duration of your event. Consider some of the main components of your event; an outdoor venue with team building activities, a networking happy hour with open bar, or hosting a speaker or guest who might draw an especially excited crowd. You might find it helpful to have additional eyes on-site to manage crowd control, maintain order during interactive activities (and avoid injury!), and help to mediate a conflict before it escalates.

Give yourself a break

You’ve got a lot to worry about during an event – have your speakers and vendors arrived and gotten settled, did your A/V equipment get set up properly, how will the run of show operate. Why should you also worry about handling potential safety risks? While you can’t perform background checks on each person purchasing a ticket, it’s important to try to gauge attendee behaviors ahead of time and assess any risk that might come with the crowd you’re targeting. Companies specializing in event security can not only help to determine any potential risks, they can also develop a complete security plan that covers anything from human behavior to weather conditions. When determining whether or not to staff a full security team for your next event, ask yourself: “Is my time worth it?”

Don’t underestimate what could happen

While most events are of a smaller scale in a classroom-type environment, it’s important to consider any and all what-ifs no matter the attendance size. Your event venue will have insight on the types of events they host and the security risks and breaches they have experienced – and ultimately help you determine the security measures you should take during your event. Pick their brains to find out what they require for an event of your size and type and collaborate with them on developing a comprehensive plan to keep everyone safe.


Hiring an on-site security team offers a multitude of benefits while keeping your attendees safe and giving you peace of mind. Whether your event is an educational seminar, a rock concert, a one-day conference, or festival, it’s important to keep in mind that when large crowds are involved, anything can happen and a security team can help you navigate the risks. Plus, who wouldn’t want one less thing to worry about when you’re busy running an event?

August 10, 2018

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August 10, 2018

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