How nonprofits can use event tech to host amazing events.

Nonprofits are experts at planning events of all kinds. Conferences, galas, 5Ks, BBQs, you name it, they can plan it! 

But what can event management software do to streamline a nonprofit’s planning process? And, how can event technology benefit a nonprofit in the long term? Easy answer – event technology is the best multipurpose any organization can have! To break it down for you, here are a few ways nonprofits can use event management software to host events more easily.

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How can nonprofits use event management software? 

Conferences and Galas:

A nonprofit’s conferences and galas are all about inspiring supporters and making sure everyone there has an amazing time. 

Event management software can help organizers create a stunning event website and registration page that will pique attendee interest and get them to sign-up early. The website is also where you can add speaker bios, promote sponsors, and share exclusive content to keep people excited about the upcoming event. 

Look for event registration software for your nonprofit that also uses fast onsite badge printing – so your attendees can check-in and get down to business right away.


A fundraiser’s number goal is to raise money for the charity organization. Plain and simple. 

A good event management software for nonprofits will create an easy and secure way for attendees to buy tickets, purchase items, or make donations – all in a matter of minutes. 

We’d also add that your event platform should allow attendees to be able to make payments “in-window.” This means none of those pop-ups or funky payment screens that definitely don’t inspire people to break out their credit cards. 

5ks, BBQs, and any outdoor festivities:

All of a nonprofit’s outdoor and casual festivities will benefit from an event platform’s data collecting, ticketing, and registration system. 

Nonprofits know that any event is an opportunity to collect important attendee info – even if it’s just their shirt size for free swag! Use your event management platform to pose any important questions you’ve been wanting to ask attendees before an event. 

You’ll be able to turn every park BBQ, 5k, charity event, or beach day into a low-key attendee polling and donor data collecting session. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone. 

Trainings and kick-off meetings:

Nonprofits are all business when it comes to big kick-off meetings and training sessions – and their event software should show as much.

Use your event management software to keep track of who was in what meeting, when they arrived, and where everyone is (if you have multiple sessions going on at the same time). 

You’ll also be able to quickly create continuing education certificates or any accreditations attendees earned at your training. All without adding any extra software or vendors. 

Virtual and hybrid events:

In-person events are definitely back, but the ease and connectivity of virtual and hybrid events make them a perfect tool to have at the ready. 

A good event platform can help you turn a virtual event into an in-person event. Or vice versa, in just a few easy steps. It should give you the ability to host the live virtual or hybrid event right on your event platform! 

Your virtual and hybrid platform is the perfect extension of all your events, big and small. It can help you take your events national, or even international. Reach a whole new set of supporters and community members.

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What are the benefits of nonprofits using event management software? 

Increase fundraising:

Your event’s registration software gives you all the tools you need to streamline ticket sales and most fundraising needs.  

Just set-up your registration page with your various ticketing levels, such as silver, gold, or VIP, and then you’re good to go. You’ll even be able to offer discounted registration types and create promo codes when you launch. 

Your virtual and hybrid capabilities will also allow you to reach pretty much anyone in the world. That means more ticket sales and more donations. 

For additional fundraising, check out a “matching gift” app such as Double the Donation, which is connected to over 20 thousand companies that can match your attendees’ donations.

Enjoy onsite badge printing:

Event platforms that support fast check-in and onsite badge printing can make all the difference in an attendee’s mood when they arrive at your venue. 

Attendees want things to be easy. Onsite badge printing means attendees don’t have to bring anything to the event. They can show up, tap an iPad, and their badge is printed instantly.

Onsite badge printing also makes event planning for a nonprofit easier for organizers. Just set up the printers and check-in kiosks on-site, and attendees will take care of the rest. No more pre-printing, alphabetizing, or carrying stacks of badges to the event. 

Maintain attendee data:

Extensive and accurate attendee data is the key to creating successful events year after. Especially when it comes to donors and fundraising. 

Your event platform is where you can collect up-to-date contact info and any personal notes attendees want to share. Keep track of which keynote speakers and topics they want to hear more of, or even their food preferences. Then use your event platform to store this data in one place, year after year. 

All of this data is key to tailoring future events to attendees’ wants and needs and keeping them interested in your organization. 

Use lead retrieval:

Lead retrieval is the method of collecting contact information, on-site, at an event, conference, gala, or any kind of in-person get-together. 

The easiest way to do this is with a QR code printed onto attendees’ badges. Then a sponsor, or exhibitor, can scan the badge with an iPad or phone and instantly collect the attendee’s info. This is so valuable for any event! To be able to nurture your leads immediately upon collection, and then to re-engage with them later.

This is essential when non-profits are meeting with new donors and want to quickly collect contact info without interrupting an amazing conversation and engagement. 

Store virtual content:

Using a virtual event platform means your event doesn’t have to end when the attendees all head home. 

All of your content can live indefinitely, in full HD, on your event website, for anyone to watch later. You’ll get to share all your best speakers and moments with anyone that wasn’t there or couldn’t watch live. 

This means that you can keep using your event to fundraise and reach new community members long after it ends. 

Event management software is the best multipurpose tool for nonprofits.

Event management software can streamline a nonprofit’s event planning and day-to-day operations like almost no other product. 

Using your event management software to create a stunning event website and registration page will inspire attendees to sign up for your events. Collecting key attendee info with your event platform will help you tailor special offers and ticket sales for maximum fundraising. And with a virtual platform, all of your event content is stored for year-round promotion. In the end, event management software is the perfect multipurpose tool for non-profits!

May 31, 2022

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May 31, 2022

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