ChatGPT: What is it and how can it transform your events.

It’s happening, event planners! Our world is about to change, and for the better. ChatGPT has arrived on the scene to revolutionize every area of our job. This is no trend. This is the future, and unless you want to join the dinosaurs, you’ll keep an eye on it.

We get it, there are so many parts of planning an event that we just wish could be simpler. Now, it looks like they can be. ChatGPT is positioned to improve everything from scheduling to brainstorming, registration, and so much more!

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ChatGPT. What is it?

Put simply, ChatGPT is a chatbot that can do everything from answer basic questions to write computer programs at your request. Think of it like interacting in a chat room, except it’s you and a robot. 

For example, you could ask it to “Write a poem about event planning” and just like that, you’ll have an artistic tribute to our favorite industry! If you want to tweak it, you could ask ChatGPT to make it more “exciting” or “funny” and the chatbot will make the changes. 

The new AI made a splash at the end of 2022. It had 100 million users in two months, making it the fastest-growing consumer application ever launched. Talk about making an entrance! It’s already positioned to change the way we search for information, and has the potential to free up mountains of time for office-based tasks. 

Generative AI programs are all the rave. You’ve probably seen videos and photos created by AI programs. ChatGPT is in the same family, and is going to have a big impact on how we search for information, create content, and organize data. 

Get ready for a whole new world of event planning! 

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Simplified planning.

Kiss those organizational headaches goodbye! ChatGPT is going to streamline the whole process of event planning, from scheduling to data analysis.

Each event has so many moving parts, sometimes it makes your head spin! But with ChatGPT as your go-to assistant, each section of the process will run smoother, and require less work, than ever before. All of those logistical tasks that take up so much time — and give us headaches — can be managed by your new AI best friend. 

Ask Chat GPT to put together an overview of all the tasks, resources, and staff required to plan your event and PRESTO—you’ve got a brief that you can work from. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, however. You can ask the AI to design a schedule, a budget, to organize guests lists, or to create any other informational documents you may need. All you need to do is feed it the information and watch it work its magic. 

All of the tasks you wish you could give to someone else, now you can! Hand it off to ChatGPT and use the time you’ve saved to find great speakers or to take a walk in the sun! 

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Personalize your planning. 

We all need a creative boost from time to time. ChatGPT is your ultimate brainstorming buddy! Use it in the early planning stages to gather ideas for your event, so you have a pool of creativity to play in that you don’t have to fill yourself. 

Get personal by feeding ChatGPT data on your previous events. It can analyze the numbers and come up with suggestions for how to improve attendance rate, engagement, guest return, and anything else you can think of! You won’t have to wonder where you went wrong, ChatGPT will find the problem and present possible solutions. 

Managing data from previous events takes up a lot of mental space, to say nothing of the creative burnout from brainstorming ways to improve. This AI tool will free up that brain space, so you can put your energy where it’s needed most! 

We all want to design events that cater to our attendees’ interests, and ChatGPT is the next best thing to mind reading! Use it to analyze attendee feedback and interests, then create attendee-centered suggestions. It’ll be a walk in the park to create the perfect events that’ll get everyone talking. 

Your attendees will think it’s magic, but it’s just good ol’ technology! 

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Incorporating ChatGPT into your workflow.

Okay, so ChatGPT can do it all. But before you get overwhelmed with all these possibilities, let’s talk about incorporating this new technology into your workflow. 

Think of it as your logistics buddy. Any task that requires searching, organizing or analyzing information, brainstorming, and other information-based tasks are going to be perfect for ChatGPT to tackle. If you’d normally use a search engine or a spreadsheet, odds are ChatGPT will be able to handle it. 

While it’s great at creating schedules and organizing information, you’ll still want to add a human touch. Use ChatGPT to put together “first draft” versions that you can double check. As it turns out, even robots can make mistakes! 

“If you ask it a very well structured question, with the intent that it gives you the right answer, you’ll probably get the right answer,” said Mike Krause, a data science director at Beyond Limits. “But if you throw it a curveball, you’ll get nonsense.” 

This software is best used to streamline your organization but, like any tool, it’s best to double check in case changes need to be made. 

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Future of event planning.

The future is here! 

Our industry is being shaken up yet again with the newest technology on the block, ChatGPT. While it’s still in the beta phase, technology like ChatGPT is becoming increasingly popular across industries. It isn’t just an effective tool for a single task. It’s going to change the way we approach work at every level. 

Are we surprised? Who wouldn’t want to avoid putting together a spreadsheet by hand! 

We can’t stress it enough, keep your eye on ChatGPT. Its creators have emphasized its limitations, but new improvements are being made every day. Before we know it, our favorite event planning assistant will be our good ol’ buddy ChatGPT. 


Plug in.

Our event planning prayers are being answered.

ChatGPT has arrived to make our lives so much easier. Not only can it organize schedules, guest lists, and search for the most affordable venues, it can also analyze attendee feedback and come up with suggestions for how to improve on the next event. 

This is a tool that we’ll be using at every stage of the event planning process! From early brainstorming sessions to post-event feedback. It’s a science-fiction dream come true. While there are improvements to be made, we’re speeding toward a world where our right-hand man is our favorite 1s-and-0s bot named ChatGPT. 

ChatGPT is in a trial phase and can be used for free. Give it a try!

Looking to learn more about how ChatGPT can take your events to the next level? Join us! May 2nd at 2 PM CT for our upcoming webinar on How AI/ChatGPT is changing the game for event planners.



February 22, 2023

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February 22, 2023

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