Communication is Key: Best Outlets to Reach Attendees with Event Changes

If there is one thing event planners do and do well, it’s keeping lines of communication open with vendors, speakers, colleagues when it comes to planning an event. Whether it’s through phone calls, text messages, or emails, touching base with your team to ensure flawless execution is an integral part of the job and within the industry as a whole. But amidst all of this necessary communication, one thing remains constant – ensuring that your attendees are kept in the loop as well.

No doubt you’ve sent prospective and already-registered attendees emails, direct mail invites, posted about your event on social media, and even had a team make phone calls. But are your current methods of communication the most effective when it comes to relaying logistical changes?

We’ve rounded up some of the most effective communication outlets and methods so that your attendees are in-the-know at a moment’s notice.

There’s an App for That

Today it feels like there is an app for everything, and events are no exception. From large music festivals to small networking meetings, consumers are relying on apps more and more to navigate events, and for good reason. Where else can you find a one-stop-shop for event notifications, social media, and even on-site feedback? Implementing an event app is an amazing way to keep all of your communications in one place. Communicate with attendees in real-time with push notifications on logistical and speaker changes, follow event chatter on social, and post event details as they come into fruition.

Event tip: Using an event app with real-time sync provides a seamless way to update session details. Your attendees will appreciate it and it saves time. 

Say What You Want to Say in 280 Characters or Less

Social media is a mainstay when it comes to communicating with your attendees and target audience. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts are key players in announcing speakers, highlighting sessions and discussions, promoting sponsors, and making it easy for attendees to communicate directly with you and with each other.

To make social media as effective as possible, make sure you’re following your speakers, sponsor companies, and other key stakeholders.  This might not be applicable for every audience so use your own discretion. Making yourself accessible can help you generate even more engagement, and as a result, secure even more registrants.

Event Tip: If your attendees are particularly active on social, consider asking for twitter handles during registration, and send shout-outs when appropriate.

In the weeks leading up to your event, keep your attendees excited with engaging social media content and updates; your attendees will appreciate ‘sneak peeks’ into their event experience. Bonus: you can bring your social media campaign on site and live post throughout the event!

Stay Safe with Text & Push Notifications

In advance of your event, you and your venue may have already discussed things like maximum room capacity, banned items, managing traffic outside, and the handling of any potential threats to the venue. While your attendees may not need to know all of this behind-the-scenes information, there must be a method in place to notify guests in the event of an emergency.

As with any event that will promise larger crowds and require order, maintaining safety is first and foremost a priority.  In the event of a safety issue or concern in which your attendees must be aware, sending out a mass text message or push notifications may be the quickest way to relay information.

Prior to your event, make sure that you create a list of all attendee phone numbers and email addresses that you can quickly access if there is an immediate need to relay information. Chances are you’ll never have to use it, but it’s better to be prepared than not!


In a world where information can be accessed in an instant, having a communication strategy in place prior to your event is just as important as lining up the perfect speakers and creating the most engaging agenda. Take that extra step to keep your attendees in-the-know with these tips and tricks.

Keeping lines of communication open with your attendees will not only be appreciated by them, but also help you to get vital information into the hands of your audience at a moments’ notice. As technology evolves, there are more and more ways to implement communication strategies, and keeping up with the latest technologies with which to do so is imperative for executing your event.

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