6 fun things to do in a virtual meeting…that are actually real and tangible and only a click away.

We’ve been doing this work from home thing for a little while now. And we feel like we’ve got a pretty good handle on getting stuff done on Zoom and all that. But lately we’ve been looking for some goods and services that can actually spark a little more fun in our virtual meetings (and cultivate more creativity, teamwork, and good vibes in general). So we took to google, and made some notes on a few companies that are working to liven-up everything we do in the virtual world.  

Some fun stuff to get the point across…

Live drawing and presentations with graphics.

GIF montage showcasing the ability to draw live content

Let someone draw what you say…

Ink Factory can draw anything you say in a meeting or event. Literally anything. All your ideas, creative throughlines, humorous tangents, all become one big colorful picture right before the audience’s eyes. There’s a lot of reasons why this works so well. But a big one is that it’s just plain fun watching someone draw. Seeing art in motion is always captivating. Other reasons we think this is a great choice for organizers, is that Ink Factory is so much different than a normal Zoom or Powerpoint. Every drawing becomes an original piece of content that perfectly captures the meeting or event. It’s also something that is completely unique to the speaker’s vision. Something that they can share with their team forever. And that’s pretty cool.

Learn more: inkfactorystudio.com

Fun stuff that brings people together.

Team building and ice-breakers

GIF montage of different Zoom meetings with many people celebrating, acting goofy, and chatting

Improv is always a fun choice.

Artly Working offers virtual improv classes specifically designed to build chemistry and creativity in your team. And obviously to help you make each other laugh. Which seems pretty important these days. Improv has also been known to help people see more creativity in themselves. Which also makes them see more creativity in the people around them. It’s a bit of a cycle. But a good one. And most importantly, improv creates an environment where everyone is laughing and building on each other’s ideas. Which is a good place to be.

Learn more: artlyworking.com

Caricature Kiosk advertisement for virtual offerings like drawing staff, and other Zoom home parties

Caricatures break the ice.  

Caricature Kiosk will draw anyone who’s at your virtual event, meeting, or zoom party, in just a few minutes. The caricatures are fun and top notch. And they also serve as a great icebreaker for a group. Each time the artist draws someone new, it’s an opportunity for that person to take the virtual stage and introduce themselves. Believe it or not, caricatures are actually still a big part of modern life. Apple’s AR avatars are essentially caricatures that we can make come alive. Bottom line, don’t sleep on caricatures. They are an important part of how we see ourselves in the world, especially the virtual world.

Learn more: caricaturekiosk.com

GIF of Zoomcall showing all the different participatnts (up to 100 at a time)

The fully immersive, live action experience (but all virtual still, obviously)…

Moniker is building custom virtual team-building experiences that are truly next level. Think escape rooms meet mystery theater, but all virtual, and specifically tailored to your company’s needs and size. The experiences include live improv actors that help guide your way, plenty of story twists, and even some fun titles, including our favorite… Space Crime Continuum! Doesn’t get better than true-crime in space right? But really, the coolest thing these sessions do is get everyone in the office to be in the exact same place at the exact same time, working together on one creative problem — no small task these days. And they do it all in an original and exciting way.

Learn More: monikerpartners.com

Fun stuff to unwind with outside the “office.”

Drink drinks, or make stuff, or both.

Virtual Beer Tasting advertisement "Being the beer tasting to your home!"

A better virtual happy-hour.

Bottles Nation can create a virtual wine tasting for your event or meeting. LA Beerhop can do the same, but for beer. And we’re also probably missing a thousand more of the services like this. (Check with your local brewery!) But the concept is basically the same —  curated drinks are delivered to your house, and then you drink them together, virtually, after work. These services can also provide beer and wine experts to tell you all about what you are drinking. But the key here is really the drinking. The drinking together to be specific. Which has been known to help people come up with some creative solutions to problems that may not have come up with in the office. Well, that was the goal anyways…

Learn more: bottlesnation.com

Yaymaker GIF advertisements showing virtual game night, paint night, and drawing

Craft night, because making stuff is fun.

Yaymaker can arrange pretty much any kind of virtual creative class for your meeting or event — including painting, cooking, game night, crafts, music, and even plants — because we all love plants now! But what we really like about this service is that it gives people something real to hold on to. Both an item that they made, and a tangible skill to use later. At a time when everything is kinda quiet, sometimes a little quiet crafting is what people need most after work. Something where they maybe don’t have to look at their screen the whole time. And just focus more on making something real.

Learn more: yaymaker.com

There’s always more fun stuff out there…

If there’s one thing we learned from this exercise, it’s that people are constantly coming up with ways to get more fun out of the virtual world. It’s really a booming industry of artists and developers, all working to keep the virtual world going and creating. And maybe even help us share a laugh or two.

November 25, 2020

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November 25, 2020

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