6 fantastic reasons to get into event planning.

Event planning has not been the easiest profession in the last few years. There’s no way around that. And we’ll be the first to say it was a high-pressure job to begin with. 

But what’s the job like now? How have things changed for event organizers? And is it a good place to jump into career-wise? Truth – event planning might be the only job that can take you wherever you want to go in the world, literally, and help you reach your career goals at the same time. To explain, here are 6 awesome reasons to get into event planning. 

Man saying there are too many events.

There’s tons of events right now. 

Events of all kinds are back in full swing and organizers are trying to get all the postponed events back on the books in short order.

If you ever wanted to be on the ground floor of a booming job sector, event planning is just the place. Every industry in the world is trying to make up for lost meetings and time, and events are at the forefront of making that happen. 

You’ll also be able to pick from tons of different types of events to create. Maybe you gravitate to tech conferences and panel-focused events, or maybe you’re more into trade shows with lots of vendors. Whatever kind of events or industries you want to get into, now is the time to do it. 

Man cheers with a glass while traveling or on vacation.

Travel more – a lot more. 

Event planning is one of the best professions for people who like to travel, want to travel more, or are just tired of sitting at a desk all the time. 

We’ve all been cooped up for the last few years. Organizing events is a great way to get away from desk life and out and about. You’ll get to be onsite at venues all the time, outside, inside, and on your feet. It’s a lot of work, and no day will ever be the same, but it will definitely be an adventure!

Attendees also want more opportunities to travel and enjoy the freedom of remote work. Luckily, events offer the right blend of work and leisure activities that will make them the perfect reason to get away for a little bit. 

Woman making unique connections with people.

Make real and unique connections. 

Event planners are constantly making real connections with people from almost every type of industry.

Remote work is pushing a lot of people to consider switching career paths and check out other opportunities. Event planning can be a great way to get a leg up wherever you want to go. 

Planning an event will put you hands-on

with tons of different professionals. You’ll meet people in tech, science, medical, aerospace, entertainment, and of course, food and beverage. After just a few events, you’ll have worked with more industries than you could have dreamed of.

The best part is that these are people you worked with to create an amazing event. They understand how hard that is and know your leadership skills are top-notch. In other words, these are people that you can connect with about future opportunities anytime. 

Man sitting at desk to be his own boss.

Be your own boss.

Event planning gives you all the tools you need to run your own business and even be your own boss. 

Maybe the last two years inspired you to strike out on your own. Planning events is the perfect segue into this new career. After just a few events, you’ll build important business skills such as accounting, hiring, marketing, public speaking, and design, just to name a few.

Many event organizers also become experts in event technology, audio and visual production, and various hospitality services, all of which specialties you could build a business around. 

Plus, you’ll have the connections you made along the way to make sure that any business you create will hit the ground running. 

Man testing out new technology.

Stay on the cutting edge. 

Event planning keeps you on the cutting edge of how people work, meet, and connect everyday. 

The way we get together is constantly changing and expanding. There’s Zoom, hybrid and remote offices, as well as the reopening of big events and festivals. It’s all happening at the same time, and events are at the forefront of combining all of these things.

No matter what industry you work in, the way we get together and collaborate is the one thing that is most up in the air. As an event planner, you’ll be able to define the future of work and stay on the cutting edge of how people collaborate in the future. 

Event planner who is event planning to make attendees happy.

Make people happy. 

If there’s one amazing reason to get into event planning, it’s because events are fun and make people happy. Something we all need more of.

Events are an escape. They help us unplug, get out of the office, hang out with colleagues, and maybe even make some new friends! All of this is an essential source of inspiration, creativity, and just plain good times.  

As an event organizer you get to focus on what makes people happy. From set-up to breakdown, the number one focus is creating a good time for attendees, vendors, speakers, and everyone at the event. 

Event planning can take you wherever you want to go. 

Event planning has everything you need to reach places, careers, and job satisfaction we are all looking for.

Organizers get to be on the ground floor of a booming event industry and even travel the world. The event planning field is also a place to meet people from all kinds of professions, and figure out your next career goals. if you ever wanted to do something that just made people happy, look no further than creating amazing events! So, if there’s somewhere you want to get to, event planning might just be the way to get there.

July 11, 2022

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July 11, 2022

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