Virtual Livestream

Virtual Event & Conference Platform.

Built for Virtual, Hybrid, or In-Person Events. Introducing a more powerful way to bring your event to life. 

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Get folks in the door.
The virtual door that is.

With a full-featured registration experience, you can easily grab attendee info, offer discounted registration types, securely process payments, and funnel or retarget your abandoned carts with Google and Facebook Pixel tracking.

Magic Link

Just click, that’s it.

Provide your attendees with a frictionless way to access the virtual event. Once registered, they will receive a secure and unique Magic Link that will instantly transport them into the event — no need to remember complicated passwords.

Exhibitors Level Up.

Drive valuable leads to exhibitors with Exhibitor Sessions for attendee interaction. Including sharing contacts, marketing materials, and live interaction with exhibitor representatives.

Exhibitor Sessions
Magic Link

Engagement, Action.

Boost engagement with all the essentials including Chat, QA, Polling, 1-on-1 Networking, and customizable action buttons.

Data-Driven Reality

Who was in the session, and how long were they there? Data-driven answers to all your Who, Where, and When questions.

Exhibitor Sessions

It’s ok to show off…
your sponsors.

Give your sponsors the spotlight in a tasteful way that drives engagement and value you can add up. Need some pointers? We got a few tips, just reach out.

Web Stream

Turn your stream into a
flash flood.

With Expo, streaming is just a click away. We offer full support for Zoom, Vimeo, Webex, GoToMeeting or Webinar, IBM Stream, RTMP, and more.

A couple things.
And a few more after that.

Because too much of a good thing is never too much.
Real-time Access

Real-Time Access

You and your attendees can access data and content now or in the future. It’s there when you need it.


Virtual Event Training

Virtual event training and support available;
make it your best event.



Build robust reports and analytics to share them with your colleagues. Insights to drive future decisions.


Full Production Available

Do you need full production support? We have wonderful partners we can refer you to. All who LOVE Expo.

Shell Printing

Dedicated Support

Experience exceptional support from a dedicated Event Success Manager who know best practices.


Time-Proven Technology

Expo infrastructure is time-tested and built to scale over tens of thousands of attendees.

Did we mention we also do…

  • NOnline event registration
  • NIn-person event check in and registration
  • NReal-time direct thermal or pre-printed badges
  • NNative iOS & Android mobile event app
  • NAttendance tracking
  • NExhibitor lead retrieval
  • NSponsor placements
Exhibitor Sessions
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