Events Leads

Planners, Excite your Exhibitors

Stoke interest and excite your exhibitors with lead retrieval made simple, smart, and cost effective.

We get it. Relationships
are everything.

Let exhibitors build more meaningful relationships with the power to document interactions with attendees through questions.

Leads Emailed

Instant access with a single

Scanned leads are immediately emailed and available in exhibitors’ inbox with the touch of a button.

Mobile Capture

Exhibit floor meet your match.
With quick capture.

Now exhibitors can easily and quickly capture leads right on the exhibit floor.

Want to talk?

Set up a time to speak with an event specialist and tell us a little about your event.

Bank Transfer

Making sense of
dollars and cents.

Set your markup and Expo does the rest by transferring
earned revenue straight into your bank account.

A couple things.
And a few more after that.

Because too much of a good thing is never too much.
Offline Ready

Offline Ready

Enjoy an app that just works, despite poor internet connections. Featuring an intelligent offline sync technology that keeps going.


Code Supported Privacy

Support of encrypted QR and Barcodes.

Event Registration

Event Registration

Ready, set, register. 
It’s that easy.

Virtual Events

Virtual Events

Making virtually
anything possible.

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