Check In Line

Check out how
to check in.
(Hint: it’s easy.)

Uncomplicated, low-touch check-in. See? Told you it’s a cinch.

Badge or no badge.
All are welcome in.

Access events by printing your badge at check in or skip it all together and check-in without one. Your choice.
Badge Check In
Custom Badge Printing

You design. It prints.
Badge done.

Create custom badges any way you like.
Want to talk?
Set up a time to speak with an event specialist and tell us a little about your event.
Badge Printing

Did we mention it’s fast?
I guess we just did.

Fast badge printing means even faster check-ins for attendees. So you can be sure things will keep running smoothly.

Attendee Registration

Register or pay? Now you
don’t have to choose.

With the ability for attendees to both register and pay onsite at the same time, we’ve made it even simpler to get to what matters: your event.

A couple things.
And a few more after that.

Because too much of a good thing is never too much.


Custom kiosk screen branding to show off your brand or your sponsors.
Badge Assignment

Intelligent Badge Assignment

Assign attendees to badge templates based on level or custom attendee data.
Shell Printing

Shell Printing

Expo handles the shell printing for you.
Badge Preview Mode

Badge Preview Mode

Review those edits with the craziest of names and titles to assure every attendee’s badge is perfect.
Badge Sizes

Size Matters

Expo supports multiple badge sizes including
the ever popular 4” x 3” & 4” x 6”.
Virtual Events

Event App

Your event app is at the
ready. Ready?

Attendance Tracking

Event Attendance Tracking

Old school meet 
new school.

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