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Rethinking Events: The Human-Centric Approach

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Feeling burnt out on generic events that fail to connect? In this webinar, we challenge traditional event design and explore how to create experiences that prioritize your audience’s well-being and spark real connections!

What you’ll learn:

    • Shifting Your Focus: Move beyond one-size-fits-all events and discover how to design experiences that cater to your attendees’ needs.
    • Building Engagement: Gain strategies to boost attendee participation and create a truly interactive experience that fosters a sense of belonging.
    • The Power of Connection: Explore ways to foster meaningful connections and build a lasting community around your events, reducing attendee isolation.
    • Designing for Resilience: Learn how to create mentally and emotionally healthy environments for attendees and ourselves, as we navigate the future and mentor the next generation of event professionals.
Janice Cardinale

Janice Cardinale

Founder | Event Minds Matter

Top 100 Most Influential People in Events, Top 50 Most influential Event Professionals, Top 50 in US & Canada. Smart Meetings Hall of Fame, BizBash 15 over 50, Smart Meetings Entrepreneur. Janice Cardinale is an entrepreneur who founded a community in 2022 called, Event Minds Matter. She wanted to build brave spaces to amplify her industry’s conversation on mental health and well-being in the workplace.

Janice is the board chair at Seneca Polytechnic for the event management and creative design program. Her mission is to bring psychological safety training to all workplaces within the industry she spent 20 years in.

Liz Lathan

Liz Lathan

Co-Founder | The Community Factory

Liz Lathan, CMP, loves the event industry but despises boring events!

She’s made it her mission to help marketers design better attendee experiences that drive more impactful and meaningful engagement for their audiences and their companies.

Lauren Petrosky

Lauren Petrosky

Marketing, Manager | Expo Pass

Lauren will be your guide as the moderator for this exciting webinar! As Marketing Manager at Expo Pass, an event technology company that makes all kinds of events all kinds of easy, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry. With over six years in the event world, she has honed her skills in event and marketing roles, both in the nonprofit and tech sectors.

Lauren is passionate about promoting Expo Pass’s top-notch services and sharing the latest industry trends, helping event organizers put on seamless and stress-free events. With a unique perspective, having seen events from all angles, from planning to marketing to presenting, she understands the challenges event planners face and is here to help!

May 20, 2024
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