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Mastering the Juggle: Event Planning Without Burnout

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Get ready to supercharge your event planning prowess with, “Mastering the Juggle: Event Planning without Burnout,” as we celebrate National Wellness Month in August. In this exciting session, you’ll dive headfirst into a wellness wonderland crafted especially for event planners like you who might be feeling that burnout. 🔥

Discover stress-melting strategies, unlock the secrets to planning stellar events while maintaining your own well-being, and ignite your event-planning genius with the power of self-care. This isn’t just about events; it’s about your journey to success with a healthier and happier you.

Aileen Axtmayer

Aileen Axtmayer

Workplace Wellness Speaker & Career Coach | Aspire with Aileen

Aileen helps exhausted professionals restore their energy, feel their best, and do what they love. Over the past 15+ years she’s helped thousands of people manage their stress and has presented to global groups of up to 500 people. She partners with organizations and conference event managers to create customized wellness workshops that are tailored to meet the unique needs of that audience.

Aileen loves using her deep knowledge to encourage real behavior change and improve the lives of others. 99% of her past audience wants to hear Aileen speak again, and some of their feedback can be seen here.

Dr. Sharon Grossman

Dr. Sharon Grossman

The Burnout Doc

Dr. Sharon Grossman is an international keynote speaker and workshop leader who teaches organizations how to keep their employees happier working for them than their competition. Through her signature talks on managing stress and overcoming resentment, Sharon equips her audiences with practical tools and strategies to navigate the challenges of modern life. Her insights are grounded in cutting-edge research, neuroscience, and emotional intelligence, making her presentations both evidence-based and incredibly impactful.

Vanessa Zamy

Vanessa Zamy

Entrepreneurship Trainer & Speaker | Your Vision’s Catalyst

Vanessa Zamy, The Business Defibrillator®, is emboldening women nationwide to lead prosperous community enterprises. She shares business growth techniques, tools, and tips so business owners can experience immediate improvements in their cash flow and stress levels. Her background includes a Management Science and Engineering Degree from Stanford University, and strategic leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies. A Consultant, a Professor, a Speaker, and Bestselling Author, in her spare time, Vanessa Zamy enjoys sleeping, and living by her mantra: “have fun, grow money, and share”.

Cassie Norris

Cassie Norris

Marketing Director | Expo Pass

Meet Cassie, your moderator for this exciting webinar! As the Marketing Director at Expo Pass, a leading event technology company, she has been immersed in the event marketing world for 15 years, gaining extensive experience across various industries such as design, food service, consumer packaged goods, and technology.

Cassie is passionate about promoting Expo’s exceptional services and sharing the latest industry trends to help event organizers create stress-free, flawless conferences. She has a unique perspective, having witnessed events from all angles, from planning to marketing to presenting, and is well-versed in the challenges that event planners face.

With her wealth of knowledge and expertise, Cassie is committed to guiding you through this webinar and ensuring that you have a memorable and informative experience.

August 30, 2023
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