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Contingency Planning at Events: What to do when things go wrong?

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Ready to learn how to handle those “uh-oh” moments at events? Watch our webinar on Contingency Planning at Events! Our speakers shared practical strategies and real-life experiences to help you tackle unexpected challenges head-on. You will discover the secrets to creating effective backup plans, managing crises, and ensuring flawless event execution. This enlightening conversation will equip you with the skills to handle event-related hiccups with style and confidence.

Whether you’re already an event pro or just curious about contingency planning, this is a must-attend event. Watch it now and get ready for a session filled with event-planning awesomeness. It’s time to be prepared for anything that comes your way!

Logan Clements

Logan Clements

Owner & Event Producer | Logan Strategy Group

Logan Clements, owner of Logan Strategy Group, has over eight years of in-person and virtual event planning and project management experience, with a passion for people, to-do lists, and problem-solving. She’s worked with agencies, professional sports teams, brands, start-ups, non-profits, and individuals, to make memorable experiences in the US, China and around the world. Specializing in sports, conferences, and non-profit events, Logan loves working in multicultural and multilingual environments and speaks Mandarin Chinese. Over the last few years, she’s managed over 120 speakers for a virtual conference, produced the sports presentation at the Tokyo Olympics, webinars, workshops, and multi-day conferences, through Zoom, StreamYard, Vimeo and YouTube. Outside of events, she can be found reading mysteries, trying street-food tours in new cities she visits, and playing new sports.

Mary Davidson

Mary Davidson

Owner & Event Producer | EP Events LLC

Mary Davidson, MBA, owner of EP Events LLC, has over eleven years of fundraising experience which has led to deep diving into the event world and helping nonprofits raise funds for their cause. Purposeful events are her jam and she is known for event planning on a budget and working efficiently and effectively. It’s a top priority for Mary to help organizations stay true to their mission, purpose, and budget, while planning an event. Mary leads the EP Events team in non-profit, community, and corporate events, whether virtual, hybrid, or in-person. Mary is also the co-founder of the Event Pros On the Go Retreat and enjoys giving back to the event industry and spreading community over competition through her involvement as co-host of the Better Events Podcast.

Better Events Podcast

Better Events Podcast

*Available on all major podcast platforms

Welcome to the “Better Events” podcast! Join two event planners and strategists, Logan Clements and Mary Davidson, who believe we can all create, host, and attend better events.In this podcast, you will:

  • Learn about event strategy and actions that you can use today as an event host, planner, or manager
  • Hear directly from the people who are creating innovative and inspiring events today and tomorrow
  • And grow your business along the way!

Currently in Season 3 of the Better Events podcast!

Cassie Norris

Cassie Norris

Marketing Director | Expo Pass

Meet Cassie, your moderator for this exciting webinar! As the Marketing Director at Expo Pass, a leading event technology company, she has been immersed in the event marketing world for 15 years, gaining extensive experience across various industries such as design, food service, consumer packaged goods, and technology.

Cassie is passionate about promoting Expo’s exceptional services and sharing the latest industry trends to help event organizers create stress-free, flawless conferences. She has a unique perspective, having witnessed events from all angles, from planning to marketing to presenting, and is well-versed in the challenges that event planners face.

With her wealth of knowledge and expertise, Cassie is committed to guiding you through this webinar and ensuring that you have a memorable and informative experience.

June 29, 2023
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