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Apple to reject non-compliant event Apps from it’s store.

Many businesses rely on commissioned event applications to create networking environments, track leads, and gain other insights from a company conference or other event. These apps are invaluable, and they’re often created using existing code templates via app generation services. Recently, however, Apple announced some changes to its App Store Review Guidelines that may prevent many of these event apps from being accepted into the Apple Store. The effects of these guideline changes could have far-reaching consequences for businesses that have relied on templated event apps in the past. Fortunately, with solutions from Expo Pass, businesses of all sizes can keep their event applications in commission on the Apple Store free of charge.

Changes to Apple App Store Review Guidelines

Specifically, there are two main changes to Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines that could impact the event app space. One is a new clause (specifically, clause 4.2.6) that states, “Apps created from a commercialized template or app generation service will be rejected.”

The second, clause 4.3, reads, “Don’t create multiple Bundle IDs of the same app. If your app has different versions for specific locations, sports teams, universities, etc., consider submitting a single app and provide the variations using in-app purchase. Also avoid piling on to a category that is already saturated.”

The main reason for these changes is to prevent copycat apps, which have become a problem in the App Store over the past few years. For example, when the game “Flappy Bird” first began to see popularity a few years back, it didn’t take long at all for literally thousands of clone apps to hit the market in an attempt to capitalize on the game’s success. With these updates to the App Store Review Guidelines, Apple is able to effectively prevent these kinds of “junk” apps from ever hitting the market on an iOS device.

Impact on Event Applications

Unfortunately, these changes to Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines will also have an impact on those who use templated apps to create legitimate applications for their companies’ events and conferences. This is perhaps an unintended consequence of the changes by Apple, but it is one that will impact thousands of businesses nonetheless. And of course, without being able to use event applications, businesses will suffer greatly when it comes to their ability to track leads, foster networking, and assess overall attendance and success of a particular event unless they’re able to commission someone to code a unique application on their behalf. And unfortunately, this is something that most small and even medium-sized businesses simply cannot afford to do.

How Expo Pass Can Help

Fortunately, there is an option for businesses that want to be able to continue creating and using event apps on the Apple App Store without spending thousands of dollars on coding a 100 percent unique app. Expo Pass offers a free event app that is customized to suit your company’s needs and will not be affected by these recent and troublesome changes to the Apple App Store Review Guidelines. When you start using Expo Pass to generate your event app, you’ll enjoy a number of useful features, including:

  • Event Registration.
  • On-site badge printing.
  • Enhanced continuing education.
  • Member validation

Your event app will be able to provide you with branded pages, profiles, materials, real-time updates, including attendance tracking, exhibitor profiles and more via push notifications. Including the option to request real-time feedback from your attendees, so you can see how you’re doing. You can even customize your app to provide attendees with information related to area hotels, travel details, car rental information, and more. Likewise, attendees will enjoy a number of useful features, such as the ability to easily swipe to see upcoming sessions and speakers, create their own in-app agenda/schedule, and even share goings-on via popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

2 cartoon smartphone screens showing Expo Pass event app with session details and session feedback screens

Essentially, Expo Pass allows you to enjoy all the benefits and ease of use of a templated app without concern over getting approved in the Apple App Store. At the same time, creating a free event app through Expo Pass allows your company to maintain its marketing and brand value, which is undoubtedly important in today’s competitive world. In fact, with your Expo Pass event app, you can customize your application with your company logo, your own content, and a personalized home screen. If desired, you can even choose to feature sponsors for your event via your app, so you’ll still have that competitive branding edge that matters.

Recent changes to the Apple App Store Review Guidelines have certainly thrown businesses in need of event apps for a loop. Fortunately, when you create your free event app through Expo Pass, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Sign up today or book a demo to get started!

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October 6, 2017

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October 6, 2017

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