Offering a mobile app to attendees of your next event can be a great way to take your company or organization to the next level. Not only can event-specific apps help your guests stay organized and informed about all the details of your event, but an app can also be a useful way to collect info on leads and fuel your larger marketing plans. Before you commit to an app provider, however, it’s important to consider your goals, budget, and needs. Read on to get the inside scoop on eight key considerations before choosing an event-app provider.

  1. Price Points
    Determine your budget, and look for a provider who will offer the most features and customization for the lowest price. While this advice may sound obvious, too many app providers offer slick packaging and the rates to match, with very little in the way of actual functionality. Be sure your ROI on app services is actually worth the time and resources required to get an event app off the ground.
  2. Ease of Setup
    A complicated interface will turn off attendees and make your app more of an afterthought. Look for a provider providing easy access, so your event guests can quickly and easily start accessing app features upon registration.
  3. Access to Leads for Event Organizers
    If an app provider offers big benefits for attendees but no access to follow-up information for lead generation, then consider whether or not that will meet your goals. Ideally, both event organizers and attendees should benefit from the app experience.
  4. Access to Speaker and Exhibitor Info for Attendees
    On the flip side, your app should never feel like its sole purpose is to collect attendee data. Rather, choose an app provider who will allow your guests to access all the information they need to successfully navigate your event. A solid app should allow access to speaker bios and exhibitor information, so attendees can network and connect with the full range of resources your event brings together.
  5. Customizable Format
    A one-size-fits-all approach may work for some organizations, but you’ll most likely want to be able to customize the app experience to the needs of your specific event. Be sure to ask potential providers about the templates they offer and how the interface can be tailored to make sense for your company’s event.
  6. Opportunities for Feedback
    Soliciting actionable feedback from attendees, speakers, and exhibitors can help make your next event an even better success. Will your app allow your registered guests to share their insights? Ask any potential app providers about their built-in feedback tools, and save yourself the time of sending unnecessary follow-up emails and surveys once the event has ended.
  7. Social Feeds
    Events can help connect people and organizations outside the typical 9-to-5 confines, and a really good event app will integrate the best parts of social media right in the app interface. Find out if your attendees will be able to access social media platforms via your event app or what structures are part of the app design to allow users to feel like they’re “in” on the digital networking opportunities great events can help create.
  8. Travel and Area Info
    An event app that sweats the “small” stuff, like hotel and area restaurant info, can make attendees feel right at home. Steer clear of any app provider who solely focuses on your brand and ignores these important attendee needs. A good app should offer all the information attendees need, right at their fingertips, so be sure to ask what information can be included when selecting an app provider for your next event.

For more information on using a mobile app at your next event or to check out a free demo of Expo Pass, get in touch! We’re happy to offer free trials of our feature-rich event app. Make your attendees—and your budget—very happy. Contact us today!

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